some cryptic tweets from an unverified some cryptic tweets from an unverified

Rodney Stuckey twitter account was real, when it existed


Last week, I wrote about some cryptic tweets from an unverified Rodney Stuckey Twitter account that hinted at a desire for a ‘fresh start,’ whatever that meant. The caveat was that since the account wasn’t verified, the veracity of the tweets was hard to confirm. Well, Justin Rogers of MLive asked Stuckey whether @HimOn1 was indeed Stuckey’s account:

"For anyone wondering, Rodney Stuckey verified with me that @HimOn1 is his real Twitter account."

I said ‘was’ above because shortly after Rogers asked Stuckey about it, the account was deleted. As I said in the previous post, I didn’t take Stuckey’s tweets as him necessarily truly wanting out of Detroit. He and many restricted free agents get frustrated (like Josh Childress going to Greece rather than re-signing for what he perceived to be a low offer by the Hawks when he was an RFA, for instance) by how little leverage they have in contract negotiations. Deleting the account after confirming it was real probably just means Stuckey didn’t want to use Twitter as a promotional tool like some athletes do. He only had about 1,000 followers, a number which would’ve surely grown had it gotten out that it was his real account.