Detroit Pistons ’11-’12 Promotional Video


In an effort to show off some of the organizational changes new owner Tom Gores has in store, the Detroit Pistons unveiled the following video at today’s media event:

There are a few interesting things to note:

  • As previously speculated, Detroit is serious about using advanced statistics. The word “analytics” appears under the Team Operations section at around the 0:12 mark.
  • The team is looking toward expanding its web presence as well. There are 21(!) separate channels on the “Programming” slide.
  • Lots of focus on entertainment. The Flight crew makes an appearance, and it looks like the Pistons are adding a Cheer Team, as well as a youth hip-hop dance group called the Mob Squad.

I also got a peek at what looked to be the new pre-game intro video that sets the bar pretty high. The new ownership seems to be making some very visible modifications to the franchise right from the start, and I would bet they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.