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Lawrence Frank’s consistent message means Brandon Knight shouldn’t start yet


Keith Langlois of on Lawrence Frank:

"He’s also said that when he decides someone has earned a shot at playing time – either a starting job or a move into the rotation – that he doesn’t react to one- or two-game samples. Five games, more or less, is his litmus test."

To those criticizing Frank for sticking with older and higher-paid starters when he said he’d base his decisions on merit, I think he’s been fairly consistent. Just because Brandon Knight played better than Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon for one game doesn’t mean Knight is better than them.

Patrick made the case that Knight should start, and in many ways, I agree. Knight gives the Pistons their best chance at a star player, and minutes would help him. Against Cleveland, he looked great. And of course, nearly every fan would rather watch the budding Knight than Gordon and Stuckey.

But Frank has promised his starters a few games to prove themselves, and I think it’s wise he follow that plan. If Knight keeps playing as well as he did in Cleveland, he’ll get his shot.

According to Frank, it would come next week.