Check your picks in the comments of the original post.

Check your picks in the comments of the original post.

Pistons stats pick ‘em contest update


Check your picks in the comments of the original post.

Through March 8.

1. Charlie Villanueva ppg OR total times Pistons suffer defeat by 15 or more?

14 Detroit losses by 15 or more. When it’s been bad it’s been really bad.  Although even if Charlie had been lacing them up all year there would be no challenge for this one.  But there’s still hope.

2. Ben Gordon total 3-pointers made OR Austin Daye total free throw attempts?

29 three balls so far for Gordon.  It’s not that he’s shooting them terribly (39%) , it’s just that he’s not shooting that many.  He hasn’t fired up more than 3 in any one game in the last 8 games.  Austin has 30 free throw attempts this year while largely riding the pine.  This is a close call, but not in a good way.

3. Rodney Stuckey 3pt% OR Will Bynum 3pt%?

Stuckey’s 34.6% at 18 for 52 is something we can live with.  Bynum is at 30% with a paltry 3/10. Another close call, but with a player not getting the minutes it’s really not worthwhile.

4. Jason Maxiell rpg OR Rodney Stuckey ast/gm?

5.3 boards in a little over 21 mpg isn’t shabby work.  Makes me crack a smile to own a Jason Maxiell Eats Babies t-shirt that I purchased in 2007, even if I haven’t seen it in over a year.  3.8 apg for Stuckey won’t get it done in terms if this match-up, but Maxiell’s production in limited minutes is more of the story here.

5. Jonas Jerebko total 3-pointers made OR Tayshaun Prince total blocked shots?

J.J. has made 20 three balls in 70 tries.  He was 1 for his last 12 before nailing 2/3 against the Lakers.  He has the skill to greatly improve that percentage, but the progress won’t likely come this season. Prince has 15 blocks, so J.J. should take this easily.

6. Home wins OR team’s leading scorer?

You can call Monroe’s 16.4 rock solid and Stuckey’s 15.5 acceptable.  Whoever ends up as the scoring leader should face defeat, as Detroit (with 10 home wins) welcomes in similar softies such as Toronto twice along with Charlotte, Cleveland, Washington and Milwaukee once apiece.

Mark your calendars folks…

7. Ben Gordon 20+ point games OR Brandon Knight 6+ assist games?

7 to 3 Knight leads Gordon.  It’s really a shame Gordon hasn’t put up better numbers, and while his production isn’t matching his talent right now, you always think it will turn around for him.  Ok, maybe I’m the only one who still thinks that way.

8. Austin Daye mpg OR team’s regular season win total?

14mpg for Daye is such a disappointment.  Pistons have 13 wins right now and will certainly get a crack at 25.

9. Tayshaun Prince ppg OR Greg Monroe total 18 & 10 games?

You can’t say that the real Tayshaun Prince never stands up because he always does. 12.1ppg…what else is there to say (career 12.8ppg)?  Monroe has 12 so far, it’s a done deal.

10. Brandon Knight ppg OR Rodney Stuckey fga/gm?

Knight at 12.6 is leading Stuckey at 11.2.  Although Stuckey’s maybe making a bit of a run at this with at least 18 fga in his last 3 games.

11. Ben Gordon mpg OR Jonas Jerebko total double-doubles?

28:30 for Gordon, his highest since he’s been in Detroit.  J.J. has just 1 double-double.  Clearly J.J.’s nearly 4 minute decline in mpg is to blame for his lower rebounding numbers as is that large and rather athletic man in the middle. Probably a bit unrealistic on my part here too.

12. Charlie Villanueva total blocked shots OR Vernon Macklin total DNP’s?

20 DNP’s for Macklin.

13. Austin Daye 3pt% OR total team losses?

19.6%…but some late season playing time and production could quickly raise that percentage where it potentially flirts with the high 30’s.

14. Ben Gordon TO/gm OR Greg Monroe ast/gm?

Gordon’s TO’s are at 2.3 and Monroe’s dimes are at 2.5.

15. Damien Wilkins total 3pt attempts OR Ben Wallace total made free throws?

16 three ball attempts for Wilkins compared to 4 made freebies in 12 tries for Ben.  It is what it is.