Some sources say Pistons are interested in Terrence Williams and Michael Beasley; other sources say Pistons are not interested in Terrence Williams and Michael Beasley


Rumor season is fun. After anonymous sources said the Pistons might have some interest in free agents Michael Beasley and Terrence Williams, Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News talked to other anonymous sources who say otherwise:

Knuckleheads? Wow, those anonymous sources are mean. I tend to believe Goodwill’s sources here, though. Beasley and Williams are obviously both young guys with upside whose careers have been stuck because of a myriad of other factors within their control. Both guys have flaws that would give teams wanting to sign them reservations, hence both agents have reason to float it out there anonymously that there is interest, however minor, to help create a market.

I love July. It’s the best.