Kyle Singler, Andre Drummond, Kim English try and build on strong performances in Summer League opener


It’s fair to say the Kyle Singler, Andre Drummond and Kim English rookie trio were pretty impressive in the summer league opener yesterday. The challenge, though, is consistency and although no one would complain about one strong performance, stringing together two or three or four will tell us a lot more about their NBA readiness. Hopefully, today’s game against the Orlando Magic at 3 p.m.

Today’s test will include Orlando’s first round draft pick Andrew Nicholson, who had 24 points and 12 rebounds in the team’s win yesterday. The Magic also have Kyle O’Quinn, who many Pistons fans still wish the team had drafted in the second round.

Feel free to leave your comments and observations here throughout the game. Also, here are some links if you’re interested in some pregame reading: