Kim English becoming a cult hero among Pistons fans


Me at the Detroit Free Press:

"Of all Joe Dumars’ mistakes, trading Arron Afflalo holds a special place among the most devastating.Drafting Darko Milicic and signing Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva were ill-fated decisions, but none made Pistons fans suffer the doubling indignity of watching them excel elsewhere. I doubt Gordon or Villanueva — once the Pistons finally get around to dumping him — will change that.But Afflalo has become one of the NBA’s better shooting guards in Denver, making his trade — for what would become late second-round pick Vernon Macklin, a player apparently no longer in the Pistons’ plans — even more difficult to stomach.Chauncey Billups has had success after Detroit, but at least in exchange for him, the Pistons received Allen Iverson coming off arguably his best season since he won the MVP — and the promise of cap room if Iverson didn’t work out. For Afflalo, they not only got practically nothing, that was the plan all along.It’s in that framework Kim English is quickly becoming a cult hero among Pistons fans — a second chance at Afflalo."