Greg Monroe bolsters faux alternate U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team


Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus crunched the numbers and found a team of Americans that, when healthy, would approximately equal the actual U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team. Obviously, Greg Monroe made that alternate team:

"A codicil to that is the glaring omission of Greg Monroe, especially given the glut of injuries to American big men. Bynum would be a no-brainer, but he opted to sit out international competition. That was probably a wise choice given his history of knee trouble. However, Monroe was willing and able to compete but didn’t even land a spot on the Select Team. Meanwhile, rookie Anthony Davis is on Team USA without having logged a single NBA minute. Being that Monroe already projects as one of the rising stars in the NBA and he’s voiced displeasure for his Team USA snub, this may turn out to be a good omen for Pistons fans. He’ll be on a mission."