John Salley: Pistons spurned me, but I’m still loyal


Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"Salley hoped his Fox Sports Detroit TV appearance would lead to a more permanent relationship with the Pistons. He wrote a proposal and created a job concept similar to the Miami Heat’s Alonzo Mourning, who serves as a community liaison and mentor to Heat players.But, Salley said, while he has the utmost respect for former teammate Joe Dumars and new owner Tom Gores, he is disappointed the Pistons declined his offer."I got an e-mail, not even a call, from somebody in the company saying we’re not going to be able to do this, which really broke my heart," Salley said. "But I understand business, and when one door closes, another one opens. But I’m a Piston at heart."I’m a Detroiter, even though I’m from Brooklyn, N.Y., everyone knows I’m a Detroiter.""