Why Austin Daye is the most likely Piston to be traded


Me at the Detroit Free Press:

"With 16 players – including at least three rotation-caliber small forwards – plausible fits for the Pistons’ 15-man roster, a trade feels inevitable.Well, maybe not quite inevitable. The Pistons have still made only one trade in the previous 1,116 days – literally about as often as a blue moon.But something must give before regular season. Maybe the roster trimming will be simple, Khris Middleton won’t sign or Ben Wallace retires. (And for those of you wondering, even if Detroit sends Middleton to the D-League, he’ll count against the 15-man limit). However, if the Pistons want and can get both Middleton and Wallace, a trade would appear likely.Who’s the most likely Piston to be traded? My educated guess: Austin Daye – if it’s not too late."

See the Freep for full explanation.