Pistons will “most probably” put ads on their jerseys


Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"Palace Sports & Entertainment president Dennis Mannion said Detroit Pistons jerseys “most probably” will have small sponsorship patches in the future.The NBA signaled last month that — pending formal league approval — it will allow small patches on the upper left part of jerseys."

"“The ilk of sponsor that you could attract is typically very big consumer marketers, and they help you with your brand,” Mannion said. “So I think we are doing an OK job here in the Detroit metro area with the Pistons brand, (but) there are sponsors out there that can take you to a whole new level and other markets, and that’s exciting.”"

I don’t like the idea of ads on jerseys, but it’s not that big a deal to me. More importantly, who am I to object how one private business deals legally with another private business? If the Pistons believe they can make more money by selling jersey space – and that’s not totally guaranteed, because jersey sales might drop – go for it.