Khris Middleton lowest-rated Piston on ESPN’s #NBArank


ESPN’s #NBArank – which ranks every NBA player based on "the current quality of each player" – has returned for another year, and three Pistons made the first installment of the countdown (401-500):

Middleton’s near-last ranking isn’t surprising, and even if it doesn’t actually mean anything, it is a little chuckle-worthy to see two players just ahead of him – Walker Russell (475) and Vernon Macklin (477).

A reminder: This project drastically underrated rookies last year. That’s probably perennially unavoidable, given we haven’t seen any rookie play an NBA minute yet. So, don’t fret where Detroit’s first-year players wind up. I’m much more interested to see where the team’s other 10 players rank.

Because Vyacheslav Kravtsov still isn’t listed on the Pistons’ official rosterthough he signed – he’s not included in the rankings. No need to expect him in the top 400.