Pistons assistant general manager George David’s awesome rise


Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press wrote a great feature on Pistons assistant general manager George David. The story includes plenty of fantastic anecdotes, but this might be my favorite:

"Clippers guard Chauncey Billups, the 2004 Finals MVP when the Pistons won their last title, recalls a night when the team was on the road and an ice storm hit the Detroit area.Worried about his family, Billups got a call from David asking if he needed anyone to check on his wife and daughters.Billups, who has played for seven teams in 15 seasons, said that kind of stuff is rare."It is rare because he was a scout," Billups said. "It wasn’t like he needed to scout me. I was already on the team."Really we could have went along my whole six years there and not even really spoke or have a relationship because I was already on the team. Everything he did was out of the kindness of his heart — just trying to make sure people enjoyed their experience while they were there.""

But’s only one of several. Seriously, read the whole thing.