Apparently, getting crushed in a playoff game = same thing as back-to-back champions


I’m not the world’s biggest football fan, but being in Michigan, I obviously root for the Lions to do well. Still though, via Justin Rogers of MLive, this shirt made by company Alternate Hero is too much for me:

"Building off the Detroit Bad Boys theme utilized by the Detroit Pistons more than two decades ago, Alternative Hero have re-branded the current Lions as Detroit’s new bad boys.The shirts are nearly identical to the original version, down to the font, but the color scheme has been updated, and the skull and crossbones is now sporting a football helmet."

I’m sorry, but that original Pistons shirt/Bad Boys nickname/design is too iconic to be tampered with. I like watching Megatron do incredible things and Suh stomping on opponents as much as anyone, but that team hasn’t really accomplished anything, especially in comparison to Detroit’s ONLY Bad Boys. This shirt offends me as a Pistons fan.