Khris Middleton’s contract guarantees more money than Kim English’s, 15 Pistons fully guaranteed for upcoming season

facebooktwitterreddit updated its Pistons salary page (something I plan to do here shortly, too), and I see two interesting tidbits:

1. Both Kim English and Khris Middleton signed minimum contracts, but English’s is only two years and fully unguaranteed for 2013-14. Middleton’s is three years, fully guaranteed for 2013-14 and fully unguaranteed for 2014-15. The Pistons even had to crack into their mid-level exception to give Middleton a deal longer than two years (which doesn’t matter much, because they weren’t using their full MLE this summer, anyway). Good on Middleton’s agent, Michael Lindeman.

2. All 15 Pistons have fully guaranteed contracts for 2012-13. I know many, including myself, were hoping that Terrence Williams (or, I guess, Jonny Flynn) could outperform Middleton and take his roster spot. No knock to Middleton, but if Williams (or, I guess Flynn) proved enough to bump a player the Pistons drafted No. 39, that would be a positive sign for Williams (or, I guess, Flynn). It could still happen, but it would cost Tom Gores $463,604 for Middleton’s contract plus likely $854,389 for Williams’. Sticking with Middleton would cost only the $463,604 he’s owed.