Aside from minutes, there is nothing to complain about regarding how the Pistons have used Andre Drummond


It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘he’s not playing enough!’ talking point about Andre Drummond that is so obvious at this point that I don’t know how anyone can honestly argue against it. But irrespective of that often deafening conversation, what about when Drummond is actually on the court? Tom Westerholm of Hoop Chalk has a great breakdown of how the Pistons have done a great job using Drummond when he is on the court:

"In P&R plays, Drummond sets surprisingly good screens, getting most of his body in the way of the defender and either forcing the defender to run all the way around the pick or actually making physical contact to bump them off course. Then, on almost every play, he dives straight down the lane to the basket for a lob and a dunk. Drummond is extremely mobile and has excellent timing as the roll man, so he often finds himself clear of any defenders and ready to catch a lob at the basket."

Westerholm’s post is incredibly detailed and well worth reading the entire thing.