Greg Monroe could make 130 straight shots and still trail Andre Drummond in field-goal percentage


Me at the Detroit Free Press:

"Drummond has been the Pistons’ best player this season."

"Monroe is still commonly recognized as the Pistons’ best player, but those with that view don’t give enough credence to defense and efficiency – two areas in which Drummond dominates Monroe.Drummond, despite any awareness shortcomings, already is a better defender than Monroe. The Pistons allow fewer points per possession when Drummond plays than when Monroe plays, and that’s pretty impressive when considering Drummond plays a large percentage of his minutes with players such as Will Bynum, Austin Daye and Charlie Villanueva, who hold reputations as poor defenders. Drummond has blocked shots and defensively rebounded better than any Piston, and he’s among the team leaders in getting steals.The difference in efficiency between Monroe and Drummond is even more striking.Monroe could make his next 130 shots and still trail Drummond in field-goal percentage. Drummond, if he and Monroe continue to play the same number of minutes per game, could turn the ball over more than Monroe in every game between now and March 26 and still average fewer turnovers per minute than Monroe."