Andre Drummond on pace to post best PER by a teenager in NBA history


As pointed out by Tom Haberstroh of ESPN, Andre Drummond is on pace to finish with the best PER by a teenager in NBA history. The leaderboard (minimum 40 minutes):

1Andre Drummond2012-1319DET21.9
2Kyrie Irving2011-1219CLE21.4
3Amir Johnson2006-0719DET20.6
4Tracy McGrady1998-9919TOR20.6
5Anthony Davis2012-1319NOH19.7
6Kobe Bryant1997-9819LAL18.5
7LeBron James2003-0419CLE18.3
8Carmelo Anthony2003-0419DEN17.6
9Tracy McGrady1997-9818TOR17.4
10Dwight Howard2004-0519ORL17.2

Want more Drummond porn?

"This is where we arrive at the most logical destination when we talk about young talents: Who is his best comp?To answer that question, we turn to fellow ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton, whose SCHOENE player projection system uses key player stats, as well as height and weight, to identify the most similar predecessors at the same age (ranked from zero to 100, with 100 being the most similar).For Drummond, that’s Dwight Howard. By a healthy margin."

Want to gush over Drummond even more? You’ll have to read Haberstroh’s article. There’s too much Drummond love for me to excerpt.