Tayshaun Prince: Now isn’t the time to ask for trade to contender


Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"Could there come a day where Prince could go to Dumars’ office and ask out, later in his career? Of course, but not anytime soon, he said."One day it might hit me. I might get in a position where it’s time for me to win one more (championship)," Prince said. "To go to a contender-type team. I might go to Joe that day and say ‘it’s time for me to move on’ and play that route but now is not the time.""

We’ll never know how accurate Tayshaun Prince’s agent was when he said, paraphrased by RealGM, “Prince is assured the Pistons won’t field trade offers for him” – unless the Pistons trade Prince, and then we’ll know the agent was wrong – but that quote sure makes it sounds like Prince, not Joe Dumars, is steering the ship when it comes to a trade.