Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News

Andre Drummond not a good practice player, says Tayshaun Prince


Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"Prince on Drummond’s progress: "I’m totally surprised. Some guys aren’t practice players. He’s totally different in practice than in games.""

"TP on Drummond: "We get in the game&the floor is wide open, his athleticism takes over the game. In camp he was struggling finding openings."

"Prince said in practice the lanes are so clogged it’s hard for Drummond to get to the open spots. In the games, it all changes"

Most of us suspected something like this was the case. Andre Drummond has performed so well during games, there had to be something we couldn’t see preventing him from playing more, and poor practicing was a common guess.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily excuse Lawrence Frank for giving Drummond so few minutes.

Games count. Practices don’t. In a fantasy world, it would be great if every player excelled in practice and in games.

In real life, I’d play the gamer more.