Pistons again without an All-Star, doubling their previous longest drought


Unsurprisingly, no Pistons were selected to this year’s All-Star game. That means Detroit has gone four straight years with out an All-Star (and five since a deserving All-Star, because Allen Iverson made it in 2009 only because of fan vote).

Four years without an All-Star might not seem like an eternity, but for the Pistons, it’s twice as long as their previous longest drought.

Since the NBA played its first All-Star game in 1951, 54 of the 63 contests have included at least one Detroit Piston – meaning the Pistons have been shut out only nine times. They didn’t have one in 2002, 1999 or 1994. And prior to the current run, 1980 and 1981 were the Pistons’ only consecutive All-Star-less seasons.

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