Trading for Tayshaun Prince not recommended


Joe Kaiser of ESPN named five players NBA teams should avoid trading for, and Tayshaun Prince made the list:

"Prince has long been considered one of the league’s top "glue guys," and his name is sure to come up as a possibility for contending teams looking to add a savvy wing defender. Teams such as Milwaukee, Golden State, Utah and maybe even Houston all fit that description.The problem is that Prince is still playing big minutes (32.5 per game) in his 11th season in the league and will turn 33 next month. That isn’t to say he’s washed up. In fact, thanks in large part to Prince, Pistons small forwards have a PER 1.8 points higher than their opponents this season, according to The problem is that Prince is guaranteed $7.23 million next season and $7.70 million in 2014-15 (when he turns 35), which is a lot of money to be wrapped up in a veteran who has logged a ton of minutes in his career and has seen his scoring (11.9 PPG) dip to its lowest point since the 2003-04 season."

Hey, Joe, shhhh.