Pistons Game 47 Player Grades


Well this is the first victory for the Pistons since I took this position. This is a positive thought because I thought that I was going to be the black cat for the team. Watching the game as an NBA fan in general, I was disappointed in the fact Byron Scott didn’t put Kyrie in when Cleveland was down 7. I was also disappoint the Calderon, who somehow couldn’t play because of Visa issues, wasn’t on the floor for the Pistons. I don’t know the most ridiculous reason someone has ever played, but not playing because of Visa problems might be up there. One the Pistons side, it was a really solid team win. It was especially nice to win being beat down by playoff teams the last two games. I also am very happy I got to enjoy from the second row of the game.

Let’s get into the grades.

Greg Monroe: Greg filled his stat sheet like usual. Didn’t like the fact that he shot 7-16 from the field and 4-8 from the free throw line. Monroe was apart of the puzzling and awful free throw shooting from the whole team. Something to definitely look at going forward. 16 Rebounds is a huge positive though. Monroe’s effort on the glass was a huge reason why the Pistons won, as no other Piston made that great of an effort. On defense Monroe was pretty solid. He wasn’t getting out on Speights mid range shots or gave Tristian Thompson a real hard time, but he wasn’t that bad. Monroe is a steady player, who put another solid game out there. Player Grade: B+

Brandon Knight: Brandon had himself a ball game. Knight is the linchpin of this Detroit team. The difference between the Pistons when Knight is playing good and when is isn’t is vast. I hope to one day to compile a post on this worthy on being here (I am working on it). The last two Pistons wins, Knight has shot 50% or better. The 10 assists was also very good. When Knight plays good, the team plays good. We will see if it changes when Calderon is on the floor, but that is definitely how it is now. Player Grade: A

Andre Drummond: Drummond was fairly solid, nothing outstanding but was pretty good. The 1-5 from the free throw stripe isn’t too uncharacteristic for him, but it hurt on a night the team shot 53.5% from the line. Drummond made up for it by dunking 100% from the field. As for defense and rebounding, he was pretty average. Player Grade: C+

Kyle Singler: Singler was pretty great. Now that the Tayshaun hangover is over, the transition to Small Forward looked smooth. I don’t expect him to constantly this level, but he looked comfortable tonight. He chipped in 8 rebounds. Not a lot of Pistons had solid efforts on the glass, so Singler picking up the slack was important. Singler was 1-4 from the corner 3. As stated here, Tayshaun’s corner 3 will be the asset the team misses the most. Hopefully Singler can pick up the slack in the corner. Look for that in the future. Player Grade: A

Jason Maxiell: This has easily been Maxiell’s best game in awhile. He got some points and some rebounds. Also, Jason Maxiell has been playing awful, and he got torched by Tristian Thompson. Player Grade: D+

Will Bynum: Will was good off the bench, but I think Will Bynum should beat Ellington and Livingston handily. 11 points and 8 assists is a good line. These are the game’s that Bynum should play at this level. Player Grade: A-

Charlie Villanueva: Charlie V got 10 points and 4 blocks. On the downside he shot as poorly as Drummond from the free throw line. Somehow Charlie V was actually effective in protecting the paint today. I think I found the right keys on the keyboard for that sentence, I mean I am pretty sure that is what I meant to type. Player Grades: B

Rodney Stuckey: Stuckey was a good scorer today, he shot over 50% and went 4-4 from the line. A thing to keep track of is that Stuckey has made only 2 of his last 14 threes. He either needs to start making them, or stop shooting them. Player Grade: B

Kim English: Kim English wasn’t all that great. If you know me, that is a sad thing to type. We still like you a lot Kim and hope you play better next time. Player Grade: D+

Jonas Jerekbo: When Jonas is on the bench, I wonder why? When Jonas is on the court, I wonder why? I can’t win. Player Grade: D

Khris Middleton: 100% SHOOTING!!!!!! EFFICIENCY!!! MIDDLETON FOR MVP!!! (Sarcasm, please don’t comment me thinking that was serious.) Player Grade: B-

Victor Kravtsov: Kravtsov shot 100% from the free throw line, and was a +4 in one minute. Since he won’t play that much more this year, he gets the A+ of the night just because. Player Grade: A+

Lawrence Frank: Let the bench players in a little too long in the 4th. If Kyrie would have seen the floor it could have been less then a 7 point game. Other than that, Frank didn’t do anything to hurt the team. Grade: B-

Cleveland Cavaliers: How can you tell me they cared? 7 point game in the 4th and they don’t put Kyrie in? On top of being pretty bad, you get an F because you have to seem like you are already tanking. Grade: F