Calderon Could Start Today, Knight to Shooting Guard


Brandon Knight has been good, but if he looks to score more he could be better

UPDATE: Jose Calderon still has Visa issues. Won’t play against Lakers, hopefully will play against Knicks Monday

Friday, Jose Calderon was looking to play for the Pistons. Then, it was discovered he wasn’t playing. Then, it was discovered he had Visa issues. I have been reading that Calderon may be in the line up again, but it sounds a little up in the air. One thing that isn’t up in the air is Brandon Knight’s new role. Knight will play the 2 guard when Calderon is on the floor, and is probably going to start there. Lawrence Frank said this on the issue.

"Brandon is a point guard, too,” said Frank. “We’ve got two guards. Calderon because he’s done it. He’s done it longer. He’s a different type of player than Brandon. It will really help him [Knight] because when you’re going against it and you see it, it’s one of those things — and I’ve seen it first hand with guards, different guards — it has a contagious feeling on your team. With Jose, I think it’s going to be a positive."

What really tipped off that Knight could move over is what Knight said himself.

"Great player — done a lot of good things over his career, and definitely a big help for us coming in,” said Knight, who had 20 points and 10 assists Friday. “We’ll get used to playing with one another and see how it works out.”"

It looks like they will be on the floor together, but Knight could still have a facilitating role at times. I’m going to do a ton of research of Knight at the 2 guard to see what he is better at. It will be interesting to see if Knight has more Jason Terry in him, than, well a good example of a more point guard player is Calderon. I know that Knight saw some 2 guard alongside Will Bynum in that Magic game when Rodney Stuckey was a DNP. I also know that when he was in at shooting guard, Knight was still filling the hoop up that night. Hopefully playing the 2 guards is more comfortable with Knight, because I think he really could shine when more focused on scoring.

Hopefully for the Pistons they do have Calderon. The Lakers have been the butt of some jokes, but they are playing well as of late. Having Calderon seeing minutes over Kim English (I’m sorry Kim, we at Life on Dumars loves Kim English) would be a benefit for the team. How Knight deals with a bigger 2 guard, in Kobe in case you didn’t already know, will also be a nice early test. Knight has the length in a 6’7″ wingspan, and length and athleticism (Knight has plenty of that too) is usually key for guys under 6’4″ to have success as Shooting Guards. Whether Knight will be primarly used as a 2 guard, or is a guy who plays the 2 when Calderon is on the floor and plays point guard when Calderon leaves, will be determined. Looking at the best Pistons guards for the rest of this year, (Calderon, Knight, Bynum, and then sadly, what is left of Stuckey) I personally hope Knight is played as a full fledged 2. I just think Knight will be consistently better from that spot, and it will be something I will be keeping track of.