Jose Calderon’s salary increased by trade kicker


As pointed out by Marc Stein of ESPN, and confirmed on, Jose Calderon had a 10 percent trade kicker in his contract.

Calderon was traded (to the Memphis Grizzlies before being re-traded to the Pistons in a separate transaction) with 78 of 170 days remaining in the season and a base salary of $10,561,982. Owed $4,846,086 for the rest of the season, his salary increased by 10 percent of that amount, $484,609 – making his new 2012-13 salary $11,046,591.

The salaries page has been updated to reflect the changes.

In the end, this matters very little. It might be slightly more difficult to trade Calderon this season, and the Pistons might be prevented from making another trade that gets them nearer the luxury-tax line – but both those scenarios coming into play are remote. Once Calderon becomes a free agent in the offseason, it’s even less likely his modest salary increase (which raises his cap hold) will affect Detroit.

For more information about trade kickers, read Larry Coon’s FAQ.