Pistons Surprise Spurs, Game 51 Player Grades


Without seeming like that guy, I kind of saw this coming. This Pistons, coming off the heels of the horrible Drummond news, were suppose to lose. Not even Duncan and Ginobli were suppose to save them, but once again we got fooled when we thought we had the NBA figured out. In case you missed it, Drummond will be out for 4-6 weeks with a fractured tailbone. This injury saps the Pistons out of all the fun they add, and removes an exciting young big man from the league. As much as it originally sucked, I don’t feel it is that bad. The team will be hard to watch, but they weren’t making the playoffs. Other people believe that they can, but it was much more daunting once the Celtics won six in a row. Throw in to the mix the Pistons going 1-4 in their last 5 before last  night, I’m prepared to watch the Draft Ping-Pong balls. Last night was just an anomaly, one that happens over the course of the 82 game season and was aided by hitting an extra amount of jumpers. Sort of like the Lakers beating the Bobcats (I had to, we lost Drummond). Let’s dish out the grades:

Greg Monroe: Greg was really good in this game, and was one of the things keeping the Pistons afloat. Like usual he shot well, rebounded, dished out the assists, and got some swipes. Greg has been so steady lately that even a bump in production is surprising. He’s really good, and hopefully can be in All-Star discussion next year. Player Grade: A

Jose Calderon: Jose played like Jose. He’s never going to force shots. He will get everyone involved. He will shoot a high percentage that makes you think he should shoot more. Player Grade: B

Brandon Knight: I like Knight as a combo guard playing Shooting Guard. I’m excited to see this going forward, as a new direction could help Knight a little. Player Grade: B

Charlie Villanueva: Ladies and gentleman, your new Pistons 6th man, CHARLIE VVVVVVVVV! (reconsiders life)  He was good last night, we will see going forward. Player Grade: A-

Kyle Singler: Pistons call him the bucket man, I think of him more as a lunch pail guy. He comes in does his work, eats his non extravagant lunch, goes home. I think it fits him more than getting buckets. Player Grade: B-

Jason Maxiell: Jason was there, no real flash or flair to his game. He has played a little better as of late, but no huge impact. Player Grade: C

Rodney Stuckey: I like what I have seen over the last few games from Stuckey, he’s scoring a tad more efficiently and shooting better. The turnovers could go, but we will take this game over what he was giving us. Player Grade: B

Will Bynum: Will lost his partner in crime, there will be a little adaptation process. He played well without him though, but he is something to ease the Drummond pain. Player Grade: B

I wasn’t too happy how Lawrence Frank cut the rotations to 8 now that Drummond is hurt, but it might be for the best. I rescind my Lawrence Frank grade today because I am not sure I would be fair.

San Antonio Spurs: Not sure they cared too much, so neither do I. Team Grade: W