Jose Calderon Shows What He Can Really Do For Pistons in Game 52 Against the Milwaukee Bucks


I wouldn’t mind see this jersey another year

Most important takeaway from this game is that Jose Calderon is awesome. Before he came, there was really no Pistons player who could just go 10-13 with 10 assists with relative ease. Only way you would see that is a game where Brandon Knight is on fire, and even then he would struggle to match his efficiency. Calderon is a surgeon on the basketball floor, he will never consistently score 23 points, but will shoot a similar percentage the occasions he does. Depending on the money and length of the contract, I really want to keep him around another couple years. I don’t have faith in the 2013 Free Agency class, and I would rather see Calderon come back then Detroit bringing in OJ Mayo. If the Pistons can lock him up for a 1 or 2 year deal, or get him at a decent price, I don’t mind them resigning him at all. In a way, his presence is what the team needs at this point. So I am all for keeping him around a little longer.

Let’s get into the grades:

Greg Monroe: The steady man was steady, Monroe shot 50%, had 13 boards, dished out 4 assists, and had 4 steals. Just so typical of him, and look for to continue shouldering the rebound load with Drummond hurt. Greg’s 14 points is plenty with Calderon scoring at a rate like last night. Just keep steadily rolling along Greg. Player Grade: B

Jose Calderon: Well, the first paragraph I wrote about Jose and how the Pistons sort of should keep him. I like how he plays, he’s just a real good game manager. I think it is more of a compliment in the NBA than the back handed NFL term game manager. Player Grade: A+

Brandon Knight: Not a good night for him, but that sort of thing happens in his role. Shoot, and shoot, and shoot some more. Last night, Brandon couldn’t find the net. It will happen few more times this season in that shooting combo guard role. Player Grade: D

Kyle Singler: Singler came in to work, ate his humble lunch, and clocked out. Just another day at the office. Player Grade: B-

Jason Maxiell: Nothing Jason does seems to make an impact on the game. The Pistons shouldn’t resign him, and I would be worried if anyone would sign him. As long as the Pistons don’t, I’m cool with it. Feel a little bad, as Jason is probably a good guy, but he shouldn’t have another $5 million contract. Player Grade: D+

Charlie Villanueva: I have no idea what to feel, Charlie V put two pretty good games together. I am just lost. Lost in a world where Charlie V plays good basketball for the Pistons. Player Grade: A

Rodney Stuckey: Stuckey’s shot selection has been good ever since I wrote this dissecting his shot selection. I am concerned he or a Pistons official read it. Player Grade: B+

Will Bynum: Will was solid, still wanting him to rack up the assist totals without Drummond, but Will did everything he should have done. Player Grade: B-

Viacheslav Kravtsov: He played four minute, he’s the GOAT. Player Grade: A++++zzzz

Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Jennings was wild, but Milwaukee put up a good fight. Good to see the Pistons beat them after getting beat like a drum last time. Interesting to see if JJ Redick will get traded to them going forward.