NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith or Gerald Henderson could become Pistons


It definitely doesn’t seem like Smith will be in this jersey much longer.

There was a recent report that there are two players under the Pistons short list of guys to trade for. The two names are Gerald Henderson and Josh Smith. Josh Smith has been an exciting name on the trade block, but a lot of it so far has been smoke. Brooklyn Nets fans should realize that Brooklyn doesn’t have a non Brook Lopez asset Atlanta will want. I also don’t believe Brook Lopez will be something the Nets will, or should, trade for Smith. The other rumors that were circulating around Smith have been dispelled to this point. So, does that mean the Pistons should make a stab for Smith, or Henderson for that matter. Here is the break down on what they should and shouldn’t give up for either guy.

Before we get into this, here is a quick recap of the future of the Pistons first round pick.

Bobcats receive the Pistons’ 2013 first-round pick (top 14 protected in the 2013 draft, top 8 in 2014, top 1 in 2015, and unprotected in 2016

Josh Smith:

Shouldn’t be Willing to Give Up: Drummond, Monroe, Draft Picks

Brandon Knight could go either way on this, as I don’t feel the Pistons should give up too many rookie contracts for Smith. This also hinges on the fact that Smith would have to be willing to sign long term with the team. Smith is a big name, and bigger than any current Piston, but Knight will be cheap and young for another two years. A one year rental of Smith isn’t an ideal thing to get for a contract like that. I feel similar about Singler, as he is also on an ultra-cheap deal. At the end of the day Singler certainly isn’t untouchable, so I wouldn’t mind the Pistons including him in a deal for Smith. As for draft picks, I feel like the Pistons should start tanking immediately, so they would be best advised to keep their pick (if it already doesn’t go to the Bobcats).

I feel any other name should be available. Monroe is a guy that people are bringing up in the potential trade, but you can’t convince me paying 27 year old Josh Smith would be better than 22 year old Greg Monroe. If a new Josh Smith deal is 5 years, Smith would be 32 years old at the end of the deal. If Monroe got a 5 year extension on top of his rookie deal, he would be 28 years old at the end of the extension. Even if Monroe can’t coexist with Drummond, the Pistons can wait to find a better deal.

The final thought is this simple. Why not wait and see? Smith’s asking price may be too high, and he might end up being a free agent soon anyways. Why not see if Smith ends up being a free agent than sacrificing current value. Even if dealing for Smith would be better than keeping Monroe, there is a slight chance in getting both. That is the best case scenario, and if Monroe needs to be dealt afterwards they can worry about it then.

Gerald Henderson:

Shouldn’t be Willing to Give Up: Brandon Knight, Kyle Singler, Draft Picks, Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond

The Bobcats have a draft pick of ours that has some pretty favorable protection. So, we scratched their backs, so please Bobcats scratch ours and do this. They probably won’t, but putting Stuckey in any deal for Henderson would be ideal.