Greg Monroe believes he shouldn’t be an All-Star, is correct


Josh Katzenstein of The Detroit News:

"Monroe watches every event, especially the Slam Dunk Contest, and said he isn’t frustrated that he won’t be representing the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game Sunday night."To say that would mean I believe there are people in the game that don’t deserve it," he said Wednesday. "And there’s probably a couple more that’s not in the game that’s more worthy than I am.""

Monroe, after a slow start, has rebounded into having a nice season. But he’s not at an All-Star level, and it’s refreshing to hear him admit that rather than whining about a perceived slight.

I wouldn’t pick Monroe ahead of any All-Star big man, and other bigs who didn’t make it – David West and Al Horford – are also more deserving. Monroe could pass some of those players in the coming years, though, and that excites me.