PistonPowered trade contest: Trading Jason Maxiell and Will Bynum (results)


The results are in from the first round of the PistonPowered trade contest, and there were a lot of close calls. Here are the results:

Don’t advance to next round

Anthony Morgan

Will Bynum and L.A Clippers Second Round Pick for OKC’s Eric Maynor and Dallas Mavericks 1st Round Pick

This gives OKC the point guard off the bench they really need to make a deep playoff run, It gives Detroit the opportunity to look at Eric Maynor over the last couple of months while just dealing with expiring contracts, I believe the draft pick is top 20 protected however it is an asset that can be used down the line in future trades. This trade could push the Thunder over the edge while providing Detroit with a future asset.

Jason Maxiell for Denver’s Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler could start for Detroit while moving Kyle Singler to the bench, or vice versa. Jason Maxiell could start on the bench behind Kenneth Faried. The trade would allow Greg Monroe to finally shift to PF spot and Drummond can start when healthy. Opens up some playing time for Jerebko to play some time at the 4.

I know the Wilson Chandler trade adds long term salary but at only approximately $6m per year along with the potential he still has, it makes it worthwhile and still maintaining large enough cap space in the offseason for flexibility. Denver would probably be happy to shed his long term money while adding additional help behind Kenneth Faried for a playoff run.

Davey Kim

This trade would be Jason Maxiel to Phoenix for Wesley Johnson.

It is successful in the NBA trade machine.  The Pistons do not affect their financial flexibility next summer, and they get to try out a young, 25 yr old, unproven SF for a couple of months.  He never got a fair shake in Minnesota or Phoenix for whatever reason.

The benefit for Phoenix would be to get a veteran big who would push their young bigs (Gortat, Morris) and vets (Scola, O’Neal) with his rebounding and defense.  Lindsay Hunter would very much approve this trade.

Rich Ovshinsky

Corey Maggete to Charlotte for Ben Gordon and a first round draft pick;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Who in their right mind ?????? This would be a good trade for the Pistons to fill the need at backup 2guard.  Of course Charlotte would never do this deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


The 4 teams involved:

1) Pistons

2) Nuggets

3) Thunder

4) Magic

Here goes, bear with me…..

Pistons get:

1) Wilson Chandler (From Nuggets)

2) Perry Jones (From Thunder)

3) Ish Smith (From Magic)

Trade works out for the Pistons because they get athleticism on the wings (Chandler and Jones), solid outside shooting (Chandler), versatility to plug guys in from the 2 spot to the 4 (Chandler can work the 2,3, and 4. While Jones can work the 3 and 4). And most importantly youth and friendly contracts which the team can build from and not be hamstrung by in the summer. The team gives up Bynum–who was going to be a free agent and likely to not be resigned (as described in the said scenario), Maxiell or Jerebko–Maxiell will be a free agent to be and would not be resigned and Jerebko doesn’t seem to be a priority in the team’s future plans, and finally Stuckey who doesn’t seem to fit well with the offensive direction the team has taken this year. Through all this the Pistons maintain financial flexibility (they take on Chandler’s contract but they also ship out Stuckey and possibly Jerebko) by not taking on any ridiculous contracts yet still attaining young cheap assets to add to the roster while still filling needs. Ish Smith is simply a salary throw in.

Nuggets get:

1) JJ Redick (from Magic)

2) Either Jonas Jerebko or Jason Maxiell (from Pistons)

3) Jeremy Lamb (from Thunder)

4) Kyle O’Quinn (from Magic)

The Nuggets seem to desperately want the shooting/scoring of a JJ Redick while not exactly having the assets to coerce the Magic into trading him. With this trade scenario they do; the Nuggets get Redick and his offense which should fit in quite well with the pace and style of offense they run. They also would get either Jerebko or Maxiell from the Pistons…depending on the scenario you choose. Jerebko’s hustle, length, and decent shooting (this season not withstanding), should also fit in well with the Nuggets’ system, not to mention he would be an upgrade over Anthony Randolph at the 4. JJ could also stretch the floor on the offensive end at the 4…something Faried and McGee can’t do…and provides a tool that the Nuggets won’t have with the departure of Chandler. Maxiell on the other hand would be another undersized 4, that could give spells of rest to Faried, but on the floor is essentially a poor man’s Faried; Maxiell’s value comes more as an expiring contract…if the Nuggets want to re-up Redick in the off-season and are worried about tax implications in the long run, then Maxiell and his contract become a little more valuable. All in all the Nuggets give up Chandler and Mozgov (2 players who they seem very willing to part with…Julyan Stone being a salary toss in) and replace them with a better fit (Redick, Maxiell/Jerebko), and a young, cheap, asset with upside in Jeremy Lamb which could allow the Nuggets to replace the pending Free Agent in Corey Brewer on the cheap.

Thunder get:

1) Will Bynum (from Pistons)

2) Timofey Mozgov (from Nuggets)

3) DeQuan Jones (from Magic)

The Thunder are looking to win now and Bynum would provide an instant offensive spark coming off the bench…a point guard that can do this would be exactly what the Thunder require for their play-off run. Mozgov would also be an extremely useful addition at the 5 which might be the spot the squad is a little thin at. Perkins although a good starter can get into foul trouble, behind him is Thabeet…who, with respect, doesn’t provide an air of confidence. Mozgov would be an instant upgrade which would allow the Thunder front line to play more aggressive without the fear of foul trouble. In return for this the Thunder maintain their core and give up players in the periphery of the squad in Lamb, Jones, Maynor, and a draft pick. Although young with some upside, Lamb and Jones’ path to starting/impact are blocked by a very young talented core in OKC so they aren’t going to be a big loss for the squad. Maynor is a pending free-agent whom the team seems to have moved on from. While a draft pick isn’t a huge give for a young and talented squad like OKC’s…they need impact players now without a long term cap impact…these players give them precisely that. DeQuan Jones is a salary toss in.

Magic get:

1) Rodney Stuckey (from Pistons)

2) Eric Maynor (from Thunder)

3) Julyan Stone (from Nuggets)

4) 2013 1st Round Draft Pick from OKC (via Dallas: top 20 protected)

The Magic are in rebuilding mode and might very well loose JJ Redick to free agency this summer…rumors are they are more than willing to move him for the right deal and looking for a young guard in return. In this scenario they would get a cheap (contract only partially guaranteed next year) and young asset in Rodney Stuckey who is only 26 years old and can play both the 1 and 2. They also get a free agent to be in Eric Maynor, who they (at worse) can also audition for the rest of the year to see if he can show any glimpse of the magic he had prior to his injury at OKC. And finally the Magic get another first round pick for a guy they were very likely to loose in the off-season for nothing. It would be a maximal return for a guy in his contract year. Julyan Stone is a salary toss in.

Grant Mehl

Will Bynum & Jason Maxiell for Trevor Ariza & Jordan Crawford

Willard Mills

Everyone shoots this down, but as someone who watches both of these teams closely, I think Maxiell and Bynum for Matrix makes sense.

Shawn Marion has been a very productive and useful vet for the Mavs. He’s a defensive stopper and a pro. He creates offense out of junky opportunities. He’s the type of guy, if he buys in, who would help get the Pistons over the hump to be a playoff team.

I think it is too much to ask for a trade that shakes the foundations. What the Pistons need is incremental improvement to be a winner.

I don’t think the Mavs get anything but cap space. The Pistons will still have cap room to make moves, but they’ll become more solid and add the vet they need to be productive with their younger guys.

Alexander Fyolek

I think the best trade would be Maxiell and Bynum packaged together to Brooklyn for Gerald Wallace (It works in the trade machine). Wallace is not playing well, but I think that’s because he’s not getting enough touches. There’s only one ball between Deron, JJ and him, and none of them put sharing at a top priority. Wallace’s skill set would take off in Detroit; he has Calderon setting him up, he’d be the primary wing because as you know, that’s the glaring deficiency for this team, plus his length and athleticism will fit right in with the Pistons who thrive when they’re running the court.

Richard Nunn

Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell


Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler

Why Detroit does it?

1.  Obviously Detroit is getting back greater talent in the deal.

2.  Detroit acquires its point guard of the future, allowing Stuckey to potentially be moved and Brandon Knight to develop into a better role of 1st guard off the bench and occasionally stretching the floor with a Bledsoe-Knight backcourt.

3.  While, it sacrifices some cap room moving forward (Butler is still owed 8 next year), the Pistons could make the choice to make the trade and amnesty Butler, removing the contract OR Detroit keeps Butler and plugs him in as a veteran small forward (pending any draft or move to acquire a more appropriate younger 3).  Worst case, he serves as a veteran mentor for whomever his long term replacement is that we draft/sign.  Best case, he can be a veteran presence at the 3 with a much younger 1, 2, 4, and 5 surrounding him.

4.  Detroit moves into a up tempo team with budding star quality potential at the 1, 4, and 5 and still has enough room (roughly 12-15 million in cap, if not more, to be a trading partner in the summer or make a run at a permanent wing starter).

Why LA does it?

1.  Most important reason, it clears cap.  They are making a move to sign Paul this summer, which definitely requires cap room, but also might require having the room to sign more than one guy.  So they are in serious cap dumping situation, while still having to maintain a level of competitiveness.  Maxiell comes off the books and Bynum makes next to nothing.

2.  Bledsoe is not going to be happy coming off the bench for long, if he is happy about it now.  By making this move, you acquire a guy who is much more capable of coming off the bench and could potentially play in spots with your first unit and bench rotation.

3.  Additionally, in staying competitive, you get front court depth in Maxiell that will allow you to bang with the bigger teams in the West come playoff time.

4.  Butler’s minutes are more than eaten up by Grant Hill and Matt Barnes.

Boom DaDynamite

Chicago gets:

Rodney Stuckey (12.9 PER)

Jason Maxiell (11.4 PER)

Will Bynum (16.2 PER)

Detroit gets:

Carlos Boozer (17.1 PER)

Vladamir Radmanovic (N/A)

3.25 Trade Exception for Bynum’s contract

Let me start this off by stating something that will almost make no

sense at all: Will Bynum is the best player in this trade. Has shock

worn off, yet? Ok. Now we can proceed. What I meant to say is, "Bynum

is the best player in this trade for what Chicago needs." If the Bulls

want to make some serious noise in the Playoffs, they need a player

who can take over. If you were a team in the Playoffs, would you be

happy facing Derrick Rose, and when he goes out a guy who potentially

get 22 points in 21 minutes? Seriously, think of Ben Gordon (playoff

version) potential!

Calming down on the idea that Bynum will up his big game potential in

his native Chicago (and he would), Stuckey provides cover on Rose for

the time being and Maxiell provides much of the same game Boozer has

produced as of late.

Besides, what are they giving up? A former *emphasis added *emphasis

re-added "All-Star" on a $15,000,000 contract and… A snowboarder.

http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2784898. Boozer is the

best player long-term, and a valuable asset to have on the team. He

probably is a better pairing for Drummond than Monroe. I also value

the 3.25 million trade exception in facilitating another trade to

bring in a high-caliber wing using Singler, Jerebko and expiring

contracts as bait (or Lamarcus Aldridge if we use Monroe and/or Boozer

at some point). The point is, sell high and buy low. Bring in Carlos,

live with the embarrassment of riches of bigs we would have, and

capitalize in the future.

Plus, I’m pretty sure a trade like this would guarantee we move or

amnesty Charlie.

Takao Yamada

The first idea I had was a trade that would have compromised the cap space the Pistons had built up but would have contributed to a potential playoff push this year and definitely would have contributed to a playoff run next year.

Pacers get:




Pistons get

DJ Augustin

Danny Granger

For the Pacers this helps shore up their abysmal bench by giving them a real back up PG (Bynum) and a PF who better mimics David West. They also get some cap space for this summer and maintain Paul George as their primary player. Bynum also allows them to better take advantage of George Hill’s ability to flip between the guard spots.

Adding Granger cures some of the Pistons problems at SF and gives them a big time scorer that they lack. I realize Granger is a fairly limited player, but he would be extremely valable when paired with the Drummond/Monroe front court and a resigned Calderon. I’m a little concerned about the Pistons just throwing money at an OJ Mayo type this off season and I’d rather spend that big cap space on 2 years of Granger than 4 years of Mayo. Augustin is an expiring deal to make weight.

This deal also has the benefit of maximizing the Pistons wins and transfers the pick off the Bobcats with as little value as possible. I don’t know that it makes the Pistons a title contender but a Calderon/Knight/Granger/Monroe/Drummond starting 5 could absolutely nab a 6 seed next year and is a Drummond or Monroe big Leap away from being a higher seed.

And in 2 years when the Pistons need to be paying Monore and Drummond Granger will come off the books and the Pistons will have some cap space to use.

Bruce Nolan

jj & max=9,500,000….for danllo gallanari @ 9,439,000 only 11 k apart, hey even throw in our 2nd round draft pick, big upgrade for us plus denver gets a young forward in jj and then they loose 5mil when max is cut. please joe just do it….

Collin Dimitroff

I have the two in separate trades.

The first is sending Jason maxiell to Houston for Marcus Morris. My reasoning on this is that Houston has cap room and would want a veteran big for their postseason push. In return we receive a young big man that can space the floor and his contract (3 years, 1.9 per year) doesn’t affect our off season spending money by much.

The second is sending will Bynum and Jonas jerebko to Sacramento for tyreke Evans. Sacramento should be looking for value for Evans and they get a real scorer with Bynum. Jerebko is added in for the salaries to match and frank has not liked him in the rotation this year so we might as well get something for him. Tyreke Evans has had a tough year but his contract expires at the end of the year, and if we can sign him to a low contract, he has plenty of talent and could help out our team.

Danny Vargovick

Will Bynum to OKC for Eric Maynor and Perry Jones.

Eric Maynor is an expiring contract for the Pistons who is not producing for OKC.  Perry Jones is a lottery ticket that the Pistons get to scratch off in return for Will, who is the scorer that OKC needs off the bench and an improvement over Maynor and Reggie Jackson.  Maynor is a purer point guard than Will, and so far with Calderon, that’s worked out.  Detroit could also ask for Jeremy Lamb or even the Raptors first round pick, owned by OKC, but the Thunder would rather simply give up PJ3.

Jason Maxiell to Houston for Terrance Jones

The salaries work because Houston has cap space, and since Maxiell is an expiring contract, they won’t mind using that cap space for just one year.  Terrance Jones isn’t playing at all, although he is putting up impressive numbers in the D-League.  The Rockets have a bevy of young power forwards, from Patrick Patterson to Marcus Morris and Donatus Motiejunas, so the Rockets won’t mind giving up Jones who appears to be buried in the depth chart for a big in Maxiell who will help them make the postseason as they are currently in the eighth spot.

Sydney Armand

Detroit Receives: O.J Mayo

Dallas Receives: Rodney Stuckey, Kendrick Perkins

Oklahoma City Receives: Chris Kaman, 2nd Round Pick (Detroit), 2nd Round Pick (Dallas)

* I know that Jason Maxiell and Will Bynum are not included but this should strongly be considered! It is a successful trade according to the trade machine on ESPN, and it works for everyone! Please consider it!

Vincent Diringer

1st Trade:

Three-team deal between Brooklyn, Charlotte and Detroit.

Brooklyn recieves Ben Gordon and Will Bynum

Charlotte recieves Kris Humphries

Detroit recieves Marshon Brooks

Its been no secret the Nets have been actively pursuing Ben Gordon and Josh Smith, the latter will be a harder deal for Brooklyn’s front office to work out since Smith feels he is entitled to a max deal and would be reluctant to accept a trade or could cause some locker room problems if he doesn’t feel the Nets will offer him what it is he wants.

In come the Charlotte Bobcats, who at this point would be only too happy to get rid of Ben Gordon after his recent clash with coach Dunlap. I don’t think this outburst will be much of a concern for the Nets as most believe he is frustrated to be playing on a terrible team – it does hurt his trade stock though and I think the Bobcats will happily deal him for scrap. That being said, I don’t think they’ll trade for anyone or anything and for that reason I believe they’ll accept the previous offer of Humphries for Gordon. Charlotte gets a solid double-double machine for a slightly smaller contract and Brooklyn get a good shooter to back up Joe Johnson.

With Gordon in the picture, Marshon Brooks will become expendable, and this is where the Pistons enter into the equation. The Nets don’t have a de-facto backup PG for Deron Williams, and Will Bynum’s explosiveness, instant offense and passing will be great for Brooklyn. Detroit gets a young SG with a lot of potential on a cheap two year contract – leading to Stuckey beceoming expendable himself, and to a second trade.

2nd Trade:

Dallas Mavericks and Detroit Pistons

Dallas recieves Jason Maxiell, Rodney Stuckey and a future second-round pick (2015)

Detroit recieves Chris Kaman and Rodrigue Beaubois

Dallas finally gets rid of Beaubois – their version of Austin Daye, although I’d rather have Roddy than Daye – who hasn’t panned out to their expectations, and replace him with Stuckey, who is an upgrade at the position and could serve as a decent back-up PG behind Collison. Chris Kaman, the oft-injured Center – who although is playing well in Dallas – does not figure into their future plans and decide to trade him for a younger solid rotation big man in Maxiell (who Elton Brand was supposed to be) and a second round pick. Brand and Wright will be most probably gone next year and only Nowitzki and rookie Bernard James would be the big men on that squad, Maxiell will opt into his final year (He’s not getting that much money if he walks) and will get some great playing time beside Dirk.

Detroit finally gets Kaman – who had PistonPowered commenters drooling over him just a few seasons ago – and his huge expiring contract, he’ll be a serviceable backup for Dre/Moose whom I wouldn’t resigning to a smaller contract or letting him walk altogether. Furthermore, the Pistons get Beaubois’ expiring contract.

Which gives the Pistons a roster of:

C: Drummond – Kaman – Kravtsov

PF: Monroe – Villanueva/Kaman

SF: Singler – Jerebko – Middleton – Maggette

SG: Knight – Brooks/English

PG: Calderon – Knight/Beaubois

This also gives the Pistons an estimate of about 32.1 M to spend on FAs in 2013

Note: I do realise the odds of the Mavs coughing up Kaman for Max and a Second-Rounder are slim, but one can dream.

Chris Cutcher

Bynum to OKC

Maynor to DET

Get a look at Maynor before he goes into free agency. Not sure if

picks should be involved possibly a 2nd heading to DET due to Maynor

falling out of the rotation.

Both Expiring so no long term problems for either team.

Maynor gets minutes at backup PG spot. Might mean Knight at PG is over

if Maynor resigned.

Bynum a scoring point off the bench and a decent set up man if Bad

Russ comes out.

Maxiel Trade

Maxiell, Stuckey to ATL

Harris, Morrow to DET

Purely a cap move for the Pistons, frees up another 8.5 million this

summer. For ATL gives a more quality backup to Teague and Stuckey will

have less of a burden.

Also gives them a boost to FTA as they are one of last in the league

and Stuckey can get to the line.

Neither trade nets a first rounder, although both keep the cap space

intact and expand it and we get a decent look at Maynor. Harris is

bench fodder for all I am concerned except in extreme foul

circumstances for Maynor and Jose.

Morrow could play some backup SG or allow English and Middleton to

play while Morrow, Harris and Maggette hangout in the back of the


Would show a sign to the end of a playoff push but with Drummond

injured that is done in my opinion as well.

Would also allow for youth development (Slava, English, and Middleton)

and possible free agent resigning giving both Jose and Maynor

exclusive run of the point with Jose starting and Maynor getting time

as well.

Michael Klompstra

DET receives SF Stephen Jackson
UTA receives PF J. Maxiell, SG Danny Green, C DeJuan Blair
SAS receives C Al Jefferson, PG Will Bynum
Obviously, a lot of fans in Detroit would not be thrilled with the incoming of Jax, but he’s got an expiring deal worth $10mil and it wouldn’t hurt to have an (arguably) capable guy at the 3 to help out Singler/Jerebko in the meantime.  

Utah get a return on Jefferson, who is likely to head elswhere, in the form of two expiring deals and a potential scorer on the wing that they could definitely use come playoff time.

San Antonio gets Jefferson, who would be HUGE come playoff time, with a chance to resign him.  They also get a little kicker in Will Bynum for an additional spark off the bench.  And hey… if he doesn’t work out, they don’t have to worry about him after this season anyway.  And let’s face it, the "Stephen Jackson returns to San Antonio" experiment just hasn’t quite worked out so they can wipe their hands clean of that and actually get something in return.

Michael Hudson

Maxiell and Bynum for Evan Turner and Damien Wilkins (76ers)  The 76ers are 4 games out of the 8th spot in need of a back up PG that can make an impact and size in the post.  Bynum can score and create on the break, which is good on a running  team like Philly.  In addition, Bynum could play with Holiday for small ball sets making them a very quick scoring combo in situations.  Maxiell plays better D than their current PF rotation, but also has the athleticism to compliment the 76ers.  Turner has great value for the pistons at the 2 or 3 as well as being young with a high ceiling.  The 76ers can move Thaddeus Young to his more natural SF spot and and already have Young and Jason Richardson at the 2, so they will be able to fill Turner’s hole.  This leaves the 76ers with some cap flexibility in a off season where they will either being negotiating a big contract for Andrew Bynum or looking to move in another direction, in which case they will also need flexibility.  Joe D keeps saying we won’t take on money unless it is good for us and Evan turner is a relatively cheap option at our 2 most needed positions who does everything from offense to rebounding to defending, which is Pistons Basketball.  Damien Wilkins is an expiring throw in.

Michael Hudson

Pistons Trade:

Will Bynum

Bucks Trade:

Joel Przybilla

Tobias Harris

Bucks get a scoring guard to backup Ellis and Jennings.  Pistons get a young wing who could end up being a solid player down the road.

Sam Cummings

The idea of trading two aging bench players for someone who will contribute on our pistons team is challenging.  If we are assuming that the 2012 season means nothing and Maxiell and Bynum are not part of the long term goal of this organization then i believe the goal of a trade like this would be to get younger and more athletic while still keeping our money for the summer.  This can be achieved with a trade for Tyrus Thomas of the Charlotte Bobcats.  Tyrus Thomas is due 8 million over the next three seasons.  He is currently 26 years of age. For under 3 million a season you can get a more versatile Jason Maxiell, who you currently pay 5 million.  Your need to replace Bynum is minimal with Jose Calderons addition.  This trade leaves flexibility for the upcoming season and provides a quality bench option for the coming 3 seasons. Tyrus Thomas is a hard worker and good teammate, lets get back to the going to work days!

Sfantu Gheorghe

Trade both Maxiell to Dallas for Mayo.  We do it to get a swing that will open up the middle for our bigs.  Dallas does it to trade Mayo’s 2 years for Maxiell’s 1 so they have the cap room to make a run at FA’s.

Chris Gagnon

For my trade I have both Jason Maxiell (PF) and Will Bynum (PG) going to the Philadelphia 76ers for Evan Turner (SF) and Royal Ivey (PG). I decided to use the 76ers as the trading partner because they are actively trying to shop Evan Turner, a young small forward who would be a huge addition to the Pistons starting line up as the small forward. Getting a better small forward, in my opinion, is the most crucial thing that the Pistons need to address either during the season or in the offseason prior to the start of next season. It is safe to assume that at this point the Pistons are likely out of playoff contention, so they should continue rebuilding for next season. This trade wouldn’t just be in favor of the Pistons, however. The 76ers could certainly use a better backup point guard instead of Ivey, and Jason Maxiell is still a relatively young power forward who could be an important figure on the roster in the future if they were to sign him to a long term deal. Since the deal involves their starting small forward, the 76ers may request a draft pick to go with the deal, so it may be necessary to throw in a 2nd round draft pick, perhaps rights to the 2nd round pick that the Pistons would receive this year if the Clippers fall to at least the 56th pick (top 55 protected).

Tyler Ross

IGUODALA AND BREWER FOR BYNUM,STUCKEY, AND MAX! This keeps us flexible if AI uses his ETO. If he doesn’t then we have probably the best possible and fitting player we would be able to get this summer anyway!! This gives Denver some financial flexability this summer and some great depth in backcourt and frontcourt for the playoffs. Honestly, I don’t see us trading bynum and or max unless we can get a wing player of iguodala skill level or better.

Thibaut Gillekens

First I would trade Bynum and maybe a second round pick ( if it’s necessary) to the Thunder for Perry Jones and Lamb because I still believe in their talent and PJ has it all to become a more then decent player and Lamb to be a top shooter.

The thunder would accept this because they really need some leadership and scoring of the bench which Bynum could provide.

Second I would trade Maxiel to the Atlanta Hawks for Anthony Morrow and maybe if they agree Ivan Johnson.

Atlanta could need Maxiel with their countless shooters on the team and if Josh smith would leave then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to resign Maxiel.

I think Morrow would open things up for us with his incredible 3point shooting that would spread the floor for Drummond and make the life of calderon much easier.

And I think every Pistons fan would love Ivan , a real hustle player who does everything to win a game.

For me he represent what Detroit stands for.

Curtis Brown

Trade Maxiell straight up for JJ Reddick.  Reddick would give Detroit obvious benefits, a shooting guard with a major 3 point threat.  Orlando gets a big man to back up Glen Davies.  Glen Davies better watch his back though, because Maxiell eats babies, big ones included.

Will Bynum for Henderson of the Bobcats. Rumor is we are interested anyway, so why not?

Eric Chase

Gordon, Rivers for Maggette, Knight works. (You can see I’m not a fan of his right?) There will probably need a to a 1st round pick tossed in as while, which is complicated by last year’s Charlotte deal. But we know the Pistons won’t be able to lure desirable UFA’s to Detroit…trade is the way to go. Gordon will also have to approve…or trying to acquire him needs to wait till the summer.

Ezra Mendelson

Monta Ellis for Jason Maxiell, Will Bynum and Kim English.

This trade would be very beneficial for the pistons.  This trade would allow us to start Andre Drummond at center and have Greg Monroe move to power forward.  Also, Monta Ellis would start at shooting guard allowing Knight to go back to his normal position at point guard.  But he would come of the bench.  This would also be beneficial for the bucks.  Either Bynum could start at PG and Jennings could go to SG or Bynum come off the bench.  It also would give the bucks a true power forward in Maxiell.  I added Kim English because that was the only way the trade was possible, and i thought the bucks would be able to use him at SG.

According to Hollinger’s Analysis in the trade machine.  This would add 2 wins for the pistons and the bucks would lose 2 wins.

Matthew Wagner

Detroit gets Macin Gortat and Diante Garrett Phoenix get Max and Will

Reasoning:  Gortat has bottomed out his last three games in Phoenix he has issues with lindsey hunter, maybe he was never meant to be a starter but with drummond out an upgrade over maxiell (7.1 pts 5.6 rebounds and 1.4 blocks) with 11 pts 8.7 rebounds and 1.7 blocks.  He upgrades the Pistons for and end of season push this year and this could be an audition for next year as a 6th man and backup center where he would be making who ever played backup pg look awesome.

Diante Garrett is a cut contract at the end of the season and also so Phoenix won’t be over the player limit.

Christos Pappas

Pistons get: Brandon Bass, Gerald Henderson

Celtics get: Marreese Speights, Will Bynum

Bobcats get: Luke Walton, Jonas Jerebko

Cavaliers get: Ben Gordon

Anthony Impastato

Pistons get: Gerald Henderson, Perry Jones

Nets get: Ben Gordon

Bobcats get: Kris Humphries, Jason Maxiell, Eric Maynor

Thunder get: Will Bynum

Oklahoma City Thunder: Its no secret that they are struggling in the backup PG department. Eric Maynor was supposed to return from ACL surgery last year and come back to his solid backup PG role. That has not panned out for them, as they have gone to Reggie Jackson to fill the duties. He is averaging a peddestrian 4ppg,1.6apg, and 0.2spg in about 12 mpg. Now everyone knows there doesn’t need to have a superstar backup PG because there is limited minutes in that spot due to Russell Westbrook’s presence. Enter in Will "the Thrill" Bynum. In 18 mpg is averaging 9.3ppg and 3.8apg. Also, what’s not stated in statistics is that Will is a crowd pleaser and energy guy. Imagine the energy going thru the Thunder arena when Will drives to the hoop and throws an oop to Ibaka, or takes it in and throws down himself. That place will go nuts. A Great fit for the Thunder, and all that for the small price of their backup PG who has not lived up to expectations, and their

little used "tweener" in Perry Jones (who keep in mind needs to fight for playing time with Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka.)

Nets: There has been rumors going around saying that the Nets are looking to get rid of Humphries. Ben Gordon has come up in trade rumors because of his behavior in Charlotte. These two teams have been linked in trade talks, so this one goes without much explanation. They get rid of Humphries like they wanted, and acquired Ben Gordon, like they wanted.

Bobcats: As stated above, Ben Gordon isn’t happy there, and he’s causing problems with the coaching. A young up and coming team does NOT want that in their locker room (see: Pistons trade Ben Gordon). In this trade they get rid of their "Problem" and get Humphries, which is who they covet. Also, they get Maxiell who is a tough grind hard guy who can show their young post Bismack Biyombo, exactly how much intensity and hustle he should play with. This comes with no long term commitment as he is a FA this summer, but it gives them the option to resign if they feel it to be necessary. They also acquire Eric Maynor, who I believe just needs a change of scenery to really get his game back on the right track. All the expectations in OKC are too much for anyone coming back from an ACL injury. In Charlotte he has a no pressure situation where he can be who he is, and who knows, maybe a rotation of him and Kemba Walker could be a good thing? Again, this comes

with no ties to anything beyond this season, so it leaves them flexible, with options.

Pistons: Finally the Pistons. We have plenty of needs, the biggest ones though are an athletic wing player, and a go-to scorer either on the wing or SG positions. This trade nets us Perry Jones III (who we were linked to leading up to the draft until his red flag dropped him to OKC), who is a long athletic wing, who can tranform this team into a running, jumping, athletic machine. He’s still on a rookie deal so its nothing major financially in the future (about 1 mil/year), but if he can realize the potential that he was tagged with in the draft, He would be a steal with this trade. This also nets us a "rental" version of Gerald Henderson, who we have been reported to be pursuing this summer. This gives us an awesome opportunity to see exactly how he would fit with Caldo, Moose, Drummond, Knight etc. This would make our decisions this summer much easier. We will see what Calderon is worth (I think we’ve seen enough, but it cant hurt) and also Henderson.

If Henderson comes in and stinks, then hes off the books and we can avoid another "Barlie Gordonueva" signing this summer.

Overall, according to Hollinger’s PER, this improves the Nets and Pistons, while OKC remains unaffected, but Charlotte has gone down. This trade, though, revolves around 1) Charlotte’s need to rid of Gordon (very high need), 2) Their want for Humphries (been reported as high) and 3) their commitment to grooming their young players and finding players that fit the team (very high commitment to this). Also, this is about the Nets getting who they want in Gordon, And OKC filling needs in time for playoffs. Most Importantly it prevents us from making a bonehead signing of another wanna-be star that comes in and stinks it up. So this a trade that improves all teams either record-wise, or financially (or emotionally, as it could save us from more years of doom), This should definitely be explored and ultimately done.


I propose we send stuckey and maxiell to the suns for morris and beasley

we get a possible scorer off the bench in beasley who is younger than stuckey. also we get another young forward who is better than any of ours. the suns do it bc of the coaching link to the pistons and also they need a combo guard bc the shannon brown experiment failed. they aren’t very high on beasley and would love to swap it out for max’s expiring deal.

Jeremy Goldberg

Bynum to OKC

Jeremy Lamb to LAL


Magette to LAL

Maxiell to LAL

Gasol to Detroit

Perry Jones to Detroit

Just give me my prize

Jeff Blanzy

Pistons Get

Perry Jones

Eric Maynor

Carlos Boozer

Bulls Get

Rodney Stuckey

Jason Maxiell

Thunder Get

Will Bynum

Future Second Round Pick (DET)

This trade helps the Pistons in several ways.  They get essentially a first round pick (Perry Jones) at a position of need in small forward.  This will help make up for loosing a first round pick with the Ben Gordon trade.  They get a nice pick and pop power forward plus rebounding in Carlos Boozer and they get a good back up point guard in Eric Maynor.  The Bulls get to shed salary and they get immediate help should Rose not return this year.  The Thunder get an off the bench scoring spark to help Westbrook.  Everybody wins!

Thomas Tatu

Detroit Pistons Receive: Caron Butler, Chauncey Billups, Lamar Odom

LA Clippers Receive: Jason Maxiell, Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum, Jonas Jerebko

Detroit gets Chauncey Billups back in a pistons uniform to finish his career and/or to guide young players, Caron Butler is our new SF with only 2 years left on his contract, so if he doesn’t work out, he will be over his contract before needing to resign Knight/Monroe/Drummond. To add on to the Butler comment, I think the Pistons will try to resign Caulderon, keep Knight at the 2, draft the SF of the future in the upcoming draft. If that is the case, they can dump Butler to another team as an expiring contract, or keep him around to ease the new SF into the league or back him up for scoring off the bench. Odom is in the trade simply because he has one year left on his contract and will basically dump Stuckey’s contract to open up more money.

LA wanted KG because he plays defense, rebounds and is tough down in the post. I think Maxiell can play that role for the Clips coming off the bench. Add along a decent mid range jumper and can catch a quick pass in the paint and take it up for big dunks (We all know the Clips love big dunks). They also receive Bynum, Stuckey and Jerebko who all want to run the floor, which is what the Clippers like to do. If they decide they don’t want Bynum or Maxiell, they are on their last year of contracts, Stuckey only has one year after this year, and I feel that most teams in the NBA would like Jerebko coming off the bench, running the court, and giving 110% every night. All of the Pistons on this list have started games together and would be a solid second string coming off the bench for the Clippers. Also, the Clippers get to keep Bledsoe and Jordan on their roster, who they were looking at possibly trading for KG. If the clippers wanted an outside shooter, to replace Billups and Butler, they could throw in Middleton or English who are cheap, young and want to prove their ability to play in the NBA.

Westen Shelton

A simple one from me. Jason Maxiell and a 2nd round pick to the Wolves for Derrick Williams. Williams has been productive at times in Kevin Love’s absence, but he still has problems finishing. And for now, the Wolves seem pretty set with AK47 at the 3, and Love at the 4 when they are healthy. The Pistons would be able to give them a little bit of cap flexibility with Maxiell, and in return they would get a guy with upside who may be able to thrive at the 3. I like how Singler plays, but I think he is more effective in shorter minutes when he can really go all out from an energy perspective.

James Lake

Pistons-SG J. Lamb, PG S. Telfair (expiring contract)

Thunder- PG W. Bynum, SG E. Williams (expiring contract)

Suns- PF J.Maxiel (expiring contract), PG E. Maynor (expiring contract-RFA), SF L.Babbit (expiring contract)

Portland- SG Jared Dudley


Pistons- They dump 2 contracts that despite being somewhat successful this year probably wont be in Detroit next season. They add a young SG in Lamb who can stretch the floor and has better size at the 2 than any current guard on the roster. Stuckey likely isn’t in long term plans and Knight has had trouble finding a position at this point in his career. Adding Lamb gives the Piston a young wing who is going to have trouble finding minutes in OKC. Adding Telfair gives them a expiring contract that can contribute right away in case Lamb isn’t ready for prime time. This move is more about the future than the present but the team should steadily stay on the same track they would have with Maxiell and Bynum.

Thunder-Losing Harden who could get to the rack at will has hurt the Thunder this season. Kevin Martin is a highly efficient scorer but lacks the complete game that Harden has. Bynum has shown this season that he can drive at will and has won a handful of games for the Pistons on his own. He provides more bench depth without the long term commitment. Elliot Williams is just a salary dump to make the trade work.

Suns- Worst team in the west has a plethora of issues. Taking on three contracts that expire at the end of the season doesn’t sound like a bad idea for a team that is upper lottery bound. Maxiell can provide some quality minutes if he can find a place in the rotation.

Trailblazers- Arguably have the worst bench in the league, Dudley can be a solid shooter off the bench and the Suns dump what looks like a bad contract for a bad team. Opens more playing time for Beasly who the Suns management seem to like for whatever reason. Dudley could help push the Blazers over the edge for the 8th seed and can contribute for a couple years as young players Lillard and Batum continue to improve.

Joe Ashworth

Pistons get: Josh Smith, Devin Harris, Johan Petro

Hawks get: Pau Gasol, Rodney Stuckey, Kyle Singler

Lakers get: Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell, Will Bynum

Updated lineups:


C- Drummond / Kravtsov / Johan Petro

PF- Monroe / Jerebko / BEN WALLACE

SF- Josh Smith / Jerebko / Maggette / Middleton

SG- Knight / English

PG- Calderon / Devin Harris

Why this helps the Pistons?

Essentially we exchange Rodney Stuckey’s extended deal for Devin Harris and his expiring contract. Nobody can argue Josh Smith as an upgrade over Singler, plus as a "rental" Pistons fans get to see if our decade-long desire to trade for Smith is actually a good idea. We get to try out a frontcourt of Smith/Monroe/Drummond, and see if that’s a direction worth going. If it doesn’t work out, we let Smith walk and have still gotten rid of Charlie V’s lengthy deal. It drops our roster down to 13 players, so we can sign Ben Wallace for a victory lap, because we all love the guy, and having him around isn’t a bad idea for depth/presence/coaching/etc.

Bottom line: not only do we gain flexibility for the offseason (the guys in bold are all expiring contracts, with Smith and Calderon the only potentials to be re-signed), but we also get to audition a superstar who is likely a target for us in the offseason anyway.

Hawks (2 deep):

C- Al Horford / Zaza Pachulia

PF- Pau Gasol / Anthony Tolliver

SF- Kyle Singler / DeShaun Stevenson

SG- Lou Williams / Kyle Kover

PG- Jeff Teague / Rodney Stuckey

Why this helps the Hawks?

The Hawks have been working for years with the Al Horford/Josh Smith duo. It isn’t working. They know they’re going to lose Smith in the offseason, which is why they’re shopping him now. Singler plays like a wily vet (despite his age). His offensive repertoire and "glue guy" status could be the steady hand the Hawks need for a good playoff push. They won’t get the high flying dunks or spectacular blocks, but they get some pieces in return for Smith. Stuckey could absolutely thrive as the 6th man for this team, providing a nice change of pace from Jeff Teague, and finally getting to play at the faster pace he wants. Pau Gasol is a classic player, who would compliment Horford much better on the front line than he does Dwight Howard in LA. Now, especially with Jerry Buss passing, the Lakers are at a crossroads. More on the Lakers side of things in a minute. Stuckey and Gasol both expire after next season, along with a bunch of minor players who expire this season gives the Hawks excellent flexibility for the summer of ’14.

Bottom line: the Hawks aren’t likely to keep Smith, and this trade allows them to gain some flexibility while still getting pieces in return that can help them make a playoff push.

Lakers (2 deep):

C- Dwight Howard / Jordan Hill

PF- Maxiell / Villanueva

SF- Metta World Peace / Devin Ebanks

SG- Kobe / (anyone from the group of Darius Morris, Jodie Meeks, etc.)

PG- Steve Nash / Will Bynum

Why this helps the Lakers?

Simply put, they don’t really have a direction. They’re still trying to hold on to relevancy in the West as Kobe wanes by adding a guy like Steve Nash, they’re trying to get younger with guys like Dwight Howard, but they’re struggling in all aspects. Essentially, they replace Pau Gasol and his $38 million plus contract with Charlie V and Jason Maxiell for around $21 million. Including luxury tax, this saves them around $34 million over 2 years. Will Bynum being part of this trade also helps them push the pace. It’s no secret Will Bynum and Mike D’Antoni are two guys who like a fast-paced basketball game. Bynum also loves to throw lobs… something I believe would make the game more fun for that Dwight Howard guy.

Bottom line: with the passing of Jerry Buss and aging superstars, this team is likely to start making some moves to save some money. This accomplishes that, as well as upgrades the bench, and allows the Lakers to make a good playoff push and maybe even take back some of the excitement from the Clips.

J. Bird

Evan Turner.  We aren’t keeping Maxiell and we need a starting caliber SF more.  Start Turner with Singler off the bench.  Yes I know we pick up a 2nd year but really Turner would be very reasonable for a staring SF.

Keith Walter

The Trade:

Jason Maxiell to Atlanta for Anthony Morrow and a first round pick.

The Why:

For Detroit, this trade is obvious. They turn Maxiell’s expiring contract into a first round pick. Morrow has been a quality 3pt shooting in the past, but likely wouldn’t find many minutes in the Pistons’ rotation (probably only in garbage time or when we absolutely need a 3).

For Atlanta, this is about depth and opportunity. Anthony Morrow is already all but out of Atlanta’s rotation, I am considering him contract flotsam that Atlanta doesn’t really care about. Despite Maxiell’s rather pedestrian body of work, he’s actually better than anything else Atlanta has for a backup PF. Why is that enough to give up a first round pick? Two reasons: Atlanta is only a couple games out of having home court advantage in the first round, and their pick at that point is going to be in the 20s anyway. Atlanta could go ahead and trade Josh Smith (IMO, a bad idea if they play to lure Dwight or CP3), but the financial boon of possibly two rounds of playoffs is too much to give up. Maxiell solidifies their frontcourt rotation. A late first round pick is more likely to never make the rotation than otherwise, so Atlanta could even use this as an opportunity to retain Maxiell at a smaller contract, or just let him walk if they need the money on a big FA.

Craig Withers

Indiana gets:

PF Jason Maxiell

Detroit gets:

The retired Rik Smits, who will immediately be placed in the starting lineup by Lawrence Frank, regardless of whether or not Andre Drummond is healthy.

Hey, playing a man down is still better than watching Jason get beat to a pulp every night.

Raymond Medley

Will Bynum for Perry Jones and Eric Maynor.

Why the Pistons does this Trade: Although Bynum has been playing exceptional basketball, it really does not benefit the future of this team. It also, clogs up our back court, especially with the addition of Calderon to the team. Also, with Drummond potentially being inserted into the starting line up, the Bynum Drummond connection is likely to be severed and seen less often. Dumars would be doing 30 year Bynum a favor in trading him to a title contending team, because if he plays will for OKC if drives up his overall value as a player, and could earn him one more nice contract.

Pro’s Detroit: You receive Perry Jones and his potential, if not for a rumors of a serious ankle injury he probably goes in the lottery of the 2012 draft, if he stayed in school he likely would have been considered top 5 talent in the 2013 draft, so we’d be getting him cheap for just a little over 1mil per year. We all love Singler and how he contributes, but our team is void of an athletic SF that can get his own offense and create for others. Maynor is real just an add on to make the trade work salary wise, he has a 3 mil dollar qualifying offer than the Piston would not have to match, so it would not hurt our cap space.

Con’s Detroit: Is Perry Jones the kind of player that Frank would want to work with? Will Perry Jones end up in Franks dog house and have us wondering why? Would Perry Jones even have a chance to overtake Singler minutes? Is Perry Jones Potential real? What happens with Jonas?, Another SF added to the roster? (All the cons are questions, because Jones is a unknown) .Once again Maynor is just an add on, low to no expectations of him in our future.

Why OKC does this trade: They are getting no production from Maynor or Reggie Jackson. Bynum is playing better than both players, and his February Stats, are better than Jackson and maynor combined. Against the Heat in 2 games OKC could not find offense off the bench, Bynum averages 19ppg against the Heat coming off the bench. OKC management, and players have expressed that they want to win now, because you never know what can happen tomorrow, and bench production has been their problem. OKC might really like Perry Jones, but at the end of the day where will they find minutes to develop him? Durant plays 38+ minutes a game, and Jones is not a PF. They already have a young core, with Durant,Westbrook,and Ibaka. So holding on to Jones as the future of the team is pointless for a team that already has its future in place.

Pro’s OKC : Bynum is fearless competitor, he can score and be a floor general, he can blend in the rotation various way, even by playing him along side Westbrook. OKC could catch lighting in a bottle with Bynum who is still playing for a contract perfect for a title run, and he removes 3.5 mil off of their cap in the sorry. Its a Low-risk High Reward Deal for them.

Con’s OKC : Defensively Bynum is not a stopper, although he physically matches up with many of the western pg’s he still is not a lock down defender, and he is not a 3 point shooter, so unless the ball is in his hands for him to create for himself or teammates he will not be effective.

Craig Withers

New Orleans gets:

PG Will Bynum

Detroit’s 2nd Rd Draft Pick – 2013

Detroit gets:

SG Austin Rivers

Yes, Austin Rivers has had one of the worst seasons in NBA history. But there is still a chance that he could turn into a solid rotation player, and maybe (just maybe) a starter. There’s not much to lose, since he has a very reasonable salary for the next 2 years and it’s not like the Pistons are stuffed with great shooting guards.

Meanwhile, New Orleans gets a competent backup to Vasquez, plus they give themselves a better shot to resign Bynum and keep that depth going forward. Obviously, this trade only happens if the Hornets (Pelicans?) have given up on Rivers, which is doubtful since they keep playing him.

Bill Denton

Bynum, Maxiell for Chris Kaman

We exchange one starter and PG off bench for their starting center.  There is no huge benefit financially, but it allows us to add height and quickness and offense.  Adding Calderon makes Bynum expendable.  They will all be free agents.  It will be a way for each to test drive players for a few months.  Knowing Joe D he sees the necessity of having positive role model veterans along with young future stars.  With time Kaman and Drummond can switch roles as needed.  Stuckey is first guard off bench.

Eugene Williams

I would trade maxey, Jonas, and Stuckey to the Hawks for Josh Smith and Kyle Korver. Atl will get a vet SG in Stuckey who only has two years left on his contract and could form a nice backcourt with Teague. They get a young piece in scrapper Jonas Jerebko and one of my favorite Pistons Maxey. We get the stud we need who’s natural position is actually SF not PF. Can you imagine a front court of Moose,Drummond, and Smith. Wow!!! We also get Korver who can bring great shooting off the bench. Something we desperately need. We can sign Josh long term and we still will have Korver and Maggette’s contracts coming off the books this summer to add another piece. My dream 5 scenario would be Brandon knight, Mayo,Josh,Monroe, and Drummond. That just looks like a Pistons Team!!!

Michael Trimarco

Detroit: Maxiell and Bynum to OKC for: Perkins, Perry Jones III, and a first round pick.

OKC is looking for a 2nd unit point guard and Bynum is as good as they get in terms of that. It’s hard to estimate the value that another team has for players, but teams that think they’re close tend to give up a lot in order to get to the next level. If OKC believes they are one good back point guard away from winning it all this year then this trade makes sense for them. However, this also provides some flexibility for OKC as their big three get into pricier contracts. Perkins hasn’t been too productive on the court and that’s something Maxiell could help the Thunder with while providing the toughness Perkins already brings to the Thunder.

Now for the Pistons’ part of the deal. I think the idea of keeping financial flexible for the summer is not in the interest of the Pistons. It is important to have financial flexibility for reasons like this not strictly for free agency. Bringing a big time free agent to Detroit is a pipe dream for fans in the near future. It’s no secret that our past to major signings did not go too well and that’s the huge risk in free agency. I honestly believe building through the draft is the best bet for the Pistons’ as we’ve had quite a bit of success recently. Signing a big free agent shouldn’t be a priority until we are one big player away from a championship and that’s not the case this year nor next year.

With that said, taking back Perkins’ contract isn’t the worse thing that could happen considering giving up 1st round picks to get rid of contracts has become a fairly common event. What makes it even more likely that OKC would do it is they own multiple first round picks with the Harden trade.

Perry Jones III might have been the most polarizing player in the 2013 draft behind Andre Drummond. He’ll be stuck behind Durant for the foreseeable future and barely plays. Given consistent minutes he could develop into a starting caliber player for the Pistons’ because Singler isn’t the answer. His knee’s might have been the reason he slipped in the draft, but physicals are conducted to complete trades. This is a low risk high reward trade that compromises some financial flexibility, but provides the Pistons with a continued youth movement that supports their recent success in the draft. Giving up two players that you don’t plan to keep next year while picking up a potential starter, a veteran big man, and a draft pick would be a wise move even if they have to sacrifice some financial flexibility.

Geoffrey Cameron

Detroit receives: Dorell Wright and Lavoy Allen

Philadelphia receives: Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell

Rational for Detroit: Wright is a known three point shooter and he is also in the last year of his deal which maintains flexibility going forward. He would be a nice rental for the rest of the year. If he succeeds with the Pistons he could probably be resigned for much less then he is currently making (4 mil per), plus he’s only 27. Allen is another big body to replace Maxiell’s production and he’s much younger (24). He would be a great back up to Moose at the 4 spot (assuming Drummond would start at the 5 upon his return). Allen only has 2 years left on his deal. Which does not give us flexibility this year, but he would come off of the books the next off season when there are better free agents to pursue.

Rational for Philadelphia: It gives them a back up point guard for all star Jrue Holiday (Bynum is certainly better then Royal Ivey) and it give them 8 mil off of the books at the end of the year. Let’s face it Philadelphia’s season is a wash without Andrew Bynum (they might make the playoffs, but they’ll get bounced in the first round by Miami), so they may like the idea of having a chance to attract some free agents this summer to pair with a healthy Andrew Bynum and Jrue Holiday next year.

Mark Mardigian

the first trade moves Maxiell and Kravtsov to Denver for Corey Brewer and Mozgov.

Why for Detroit? Detroit could use Corey Brewer at the small forward position where his length and defensive ability will help solidify Detroit’s perimeter defense. He can also knock down a jumper when the defense collapses. Mozgov replaces Kravtsov as the last big on the bench, but he could be a solid back-up long term, if Detroit resigns him at the right price.

Why for Denver? Denver has a glut of small forwards and guards. Brewer and Mozgov are very unlikely to be resigned this summer. Denver can get back something in return for them, and getting a veteran big like Maxiell would be a great pickup. Kravtsov’s contract is very cap friendly, and he’s young. He will be the guaranteed long term asset for sending out two expiring deals.

Additionally, Detroit has a history of trading with Denver, most recently with the Billups deal, and Aaron Afflalo.

The second trade would be Will Bynum to Utah for Rajah Bell and a second round pick (can’t represent picks in trade machine)

Why for Detroit? At this point, the playoff race is likely out of the question. Moving Bynum for Bell isn’t the point here, it’s the second round pick that comes with him that is the asset. This move doesn’t alter the summer flexibility at all, as second round picks aren’t guaranteed a contract.

Why for Utah? Bynum becomes their best back court scorer. He helps them for a playoff push, and Utah has been looking to get rid of Bell for a couple seasons now.

Advance to next round

Josh Oetman

Atlanta gets Will Bynum and a 2nd round draft pick.

Detroit gets Anthony Morrow and a lottery protected 1st round draft pick.

Atlanta gets Bynum to plug in as a 6th man and to eat up the minutes that were going to Louis Williams. This should help keep them in the playoffs, and potentially give them a chance at a first round win if they don’t fall to the 8 seed and have to get swept by the Heat. Considering their franchise’s history with indifferent fans it makes sense to try to get as many home games as possible in while the team is a playoff team, something they might not be if they lose Smith in the off season.
The main thing for Detroit is the draft pick. I don’t know when I’d want that pick to be honest. As it stands it looks like there will be some talent in this draft even outside of the lottery. That said, a future draft pick might be better as it could alleviate the lost pick from the BG trade. I’d do whichever version Atlanta prefers. A second rounder is being thrown in by Detroit since a Will Bynum rental on a team that can’t really compete for a title is not worth a first round draft pick to them.

As an added bonus, Detroit gets a rental on a 3 point specialist in Anthony Morrow. While he hasn’t gotten much play time in Atlanta, his per minute numbers are still more or less what he was doing before he got to Atlanta. Morrow is a fantastic shooter, averaging .425 from 3 in his career, and .395 so far this year. While I wouldn’t expect it to get a lot of play time, a Jose Calderon/Anthony Morrow/Kyle Singler lineup would be a lot of fun to watch. Even better, combine those 3 with Monroe and Drummond whenever Dre is healthy and we might be looking at the best early glimpse of how effective the Monroe/Drummond front court pairing could be on offense. In the off chance that 5 man unit actually works we could even get a chance to see what BK could do as the 6th man, the role that seems the most likely for him in the future. That scenario seems highly unlikely as that lineup would likely be pretty awful defensively, but the real focal point is moving up 15-20 spots and into the first round of the draft. I can’t come up with another plausible trade with a mid first round pay off without sacrificing cap space, so this makes sense to me.

Denver gets Jason Maxiell

Detroit gets Corey Brewer and Anthony Randolph

At first glance this might not make much sense, but hang with me a second. Denver has had two major problems in their front court. 1: Their front court has a lack of shooting range. Koufos, McGee, Mozgov, and Faried are all guys who can’t shoot. While not exactly a fantastic shooter, Maxiell is better than what Denver is currently getting from their bigs. 2: Their big are undisciplined defenders. McGee and Faried are the worst of the group. Maxiell is really limited as a player, but he does play reasonably intelligent defense.

Denver gives up Corey Brewer, which on first glance they might seem hesitant to do. He is a good athlete who plays solid on ball defense and gets steals. He makes some sense on that roster. Then again, the team has a pair of rookies in Jordan Hamilton and Evan Fournier who can eat into those minutes. They could also increase Wilson Chandler’s minutes to cut into the 20 minutes Brewer played, and Chandler is a better defender than Brewer anyways.

Detroit gets to audition Brewer, an athletic perimeter defender they might have interest in bringing back next season. He’s not an obvious fit in Detroit because he can’t shoot, but he might be a smart buy at a reasonable price.

The real get for Detroit is Randolph. If Maxiell’s production hadn’t been free falling since December I might be looking for more than Randolph, but right now Max just doesn’t have much value. Randolph hasn’t been used hardly at all in Denver and only sporadically in his career, but in the past Randolph has been productive in limited minutes. For his career he is only averaging 16.4 minutes per game, but his career per 36 averages of 17.1 points, 10.4 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 1.3 steals, and 2.3 blocks are really encouraging. Only twice has he gotten 20 minutes per game for a season (or part of a season after a trade), but he played well both times. In his second year he had per 36 numbers of 18 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks. After getting traded to Minnesota he finished the season strong, averaging 21 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks while shooting .492 from the field. I get that everything with Randolph has to be taken with a grain of salt due to limited sample size, but he has shown the potential to be a very good 3rd big man. He’s a knucklehead who has been on 4 teams in 5 years, but he is also only 23 years old. While he would add salary for this upcoming free agency period, it isn’t much as Randolph is owed less than 3.6 million over the next 2 seasons. That’s basically a rookie deal. He seems like a smart gamble to take in my opinion, low risk and high reward if he actually does pan out. Yeah, the odds of it failing are high, but Detroit isn’t giving up enough to make failure costly. Hard to do much better than that when Maxiell has been so terrible lately.

Nikola Todorovic

Trade: Will Bynum for Anthony Morrow

Atlanta gets a player that can provide a spark from the bench, sort of what Lou Williams was doing, and they get to test him for next season’s back up at PG, since Devin Harris is expiring, also they dont play Morrow anyway.

Detroit gets a decent shooter and defender on the wing (also for a test run) that they might consider during free agency anyway, unless they seriously count on English.

Interesting little trade imo, nothing monumental, no big winners but both teams can benefit from it in the future and they keep flexibility which is more important.

Trade: Jason Maxiell for Dorell Wright

Similar to what i proposed for Wil Bynum trade, Philly needs another big body to bang down low, Detroit gets help on the wing also on the test run until the end of the season. Wright will probably be someone to look at (and hopefully pass on) during free agency, but change of scenery might help him get his shooting back a little. Most importantly flexibility is kept.

Lindsey Adams

Detroit sends Maxiell and Bynum to Indiana for D.J. Augustin and Tyler Hansbrough.

Rentals for both teams basically, with everyone being a free agent this summer.

Dumars may see this as an oppurtunity to kick the tires on Augustin and Hansbrough, while also doing a favor to both Max-Bynum by putting them on a playoff contender.

Indy may want just a slight shake-up, so they add two tough vets that can bring explosiveness off the bench.

Jeremy Jenkins

Houston Receives: Will Bynum

Detroit Receives: Carlos Delfino

The Rockets will get a back up to Jeremy Lin that can continue to push the tempo when they go to their bench. They also will gain over $3 million dollars worth of cap room in the summer as Bynum’s contract expires, allowing them to make a stronger push to sign a star player to a max deal.

The Pistons will get a starting caliber wing player that can play either the 2 or 3 depending on the lineup that Frank wants to put on the court. Delfino is a hustle player that would fit well next to Singler. Whether he starts or comes off the bench he will bring energy to the court.

Maxiell is not good enough to trade to another player. To get a player of his caliber in return, the Pistons would have to take on additional salary which is not worth it. Players that have a similar salary to Maxiell are worth more based on potential or production. For example; Nikola Peckovic and Derrick Williams both make slightly less than Maxiell. Pekovic will recieve a much larger contract worth two or three times the amount of his current salary, while Derrick Williams is still young and the Timberwolves would base his trade value based on potential. Maxiell is just not valuable enough to be traded, even to a contender.

Keith Walter

Will Bynum to Boston for Jared Sullinger, Jason Collins, and Leandro Barbosa

Under normal circumstances, this would look like a coup for the Pistons. However, the injuries involved are what make it viable. Both Sullinger and Barbosa are out for the year. Jason Collins is essentially useless. Boston makes this trade because they have not real PG, and Bynum is the type of veteran who can pick up their system quickly while also providing another offensive option on an offensive-starved team. Boston is all-in so long as they think they have a chance with Garnett and Pierce, Bynum gives them a boost this year at the cost of injured players. The loss of Sullinger’s future is tough to swallow, but he was also less of a fit than the media may have been pushing. He’s ultimately below league average efficiency (despite a refined offensive game) and a poor defender (without the athleticism to improve much). His only real skill is rebounding. Factor that all in with a bad back, and its unlikely he was ever going to be a core building block after Pierce and Garnett are done.

So with all that said, why does Detroit want Sullinger? He’s still better than Maxiell, and he’s on a cheaper contract. Detroit has no immediate needs in the frontcourt with Monroe-Drummond set to start for the foreseeable future. What Detroit needs is depth. Sullinger is in many ways a poor man’s Greg Monroe. This makes him an easy fit as Monroe’s backup. Alongside Drummond, Sullinger’s defensive issues can be masked, and he can take advantage of his relatively strong passing skills for a big man. This also keeps our frontcourt as strength in terms of rebounding and working the post. Financially it makes sense because Sullinger is cheap. It does eat 1.5 million into our cap space, but we needed to replace Maxiell anyway, and certainly we aren’t going to find a player BETTER than Sullinger for LESS than he makes now. The lack of production from players received in this deal can be easily make up by signing Ben Wallace for the minimum (Jason Collins and Leandro Barbosa would be waived for roster spots).

Scott Carter

Hawks recieve= Jason Maxiell

Pistons recieve= Johan Petro and Atlanta’s 2013 2nd round pick

Thunder recieve= Will Bynum

Pistons recieve= Eric Maynor and OKC’s 2013 1st round pick(probably between 26-30)