Tayshaun Prince energized by trade to Grizzlies


Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"He’s admitted to being re-energized with Memphis."They’re in a position where they can get a great playoff spot and I’m just here to help," Prince said. "It’s been a great opportunity. With the position they’re in, you have the fuel and energy. With the way things have been (in Detroit), you come in with that down mentality."When you’re playing good ball and beating quality teams, things start to roll around. The energy has been good for me.""

Here’s what I wrote about Prince when the Pistons re-signed him:

"Here’s my armchair psychology: Prince is a pretty grumpy guy, but winning keeps him on an even keel.There’s a difference between disliking losing and an inability to handle it in a productive manner. I don’t think Prince falls on the helpful side of that line. That explains why he looked like the perfect team player during the Pistons’ contending years and like a petulant brat in the last few years."

In the year and a half since, the Pistons haven’t built a winner for Prince. I’m happy he’s found one now.