PistonPowered trade contest: Swing for the fences


As the NBA trade-deadline approaches, PistonPowered is holding a trade contest. (Unfortunately, there is no prize other than the honor of winning, which is a pretty great prize.)

Here’s how it works: You’re the Pistons’ newly hired assistant general manager, and Joe Dumars comes to you seeking trade ideas before the deadline. After the first round and results, second round and results, here’s the final scenario:

Dumars: I’m worried we’re heading toward the treadmill of mediocrity. This season is already a lost cause, but I believe we the pieces to make a major splash right now. What trade can I make to swing for the fences? I’m willing to accept a sizable amount of risk as long as the upside is high.

The two who advanced from round two have already been informed how to submit their trades, and one of them will be declared contest winner. But I’d love to read your ideas in the comments, too.

Don’t forget, any trade that doesn’t work under the Collective Bargaining Agreement will automatically fail, so check ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine. If you propose a trade that you believe is allowed even though the Trade Machine disagrees, please specify in your email why you think otherwise.

Check back later for the winner.