Charlie Villanueva says he’ll exercise $8.58 million player option


Charlie Villanueva holds an $8,580,00 player option for next season. Charlie Villanueva is also not a moron.

Those two facts are related. Villanueva, via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"“It’s obvious what I’m going to do,” Villanueva told the Free Press before the Pistons topped the Bobcats on Tuesday night. “Would you let that money go?”"

Good for Villanueva. It’s not his fault Joe Dumars gave him such a lucrative contract. Villanueva should get every dollar he can from the Pistons.

Now, the ball is in the Pistons’ court. They still have the amnesty at their disposal, a potentially expensive option, but one that probably puts the Pistons in best position to build a winning team.