Pistons trade-value rankings No. 2: Greg Monroe


For your reference, salaries are available here and ages here.

Why Greg Monroe ranks No. 2

Greg Monroe is the Pistons’ best player. He’s gotten better each season, and he’s seemed to be on the verge of an All-Star berth since last year. He’s only 22 and has plenty of room to get better, especially defensively.

Monroe is the type of hard-working, self-motivated and no-nonsense players most teams would love to begin a rebuild with.

So why does he rank only No. 2?

Monroe will be eligible to sign a contract extension this summer, and judging by his closest peer – Roy Hibbert – Monroe is more likely than not to get a max contract. How valuable will Monroe remain at that price? If I were the Pistons, I’d be willing to pay him max money, but I’d do it knowing there’s a real risk Monroe becomes overpaid.