Pistons trade-value rankings No. 3: Brandon Knight


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Why Brandon Knight ranks No. 3

Brandon Knight has started more games than anyone in his draft class, but his value is still mostly derived from his potential.

So far in his young career, Knight has shown himself to be an above-average 3-point shooter, a turnover machine and a streaky scorer. He’s one of the worst starting guards in the NBA, but he’s competing with more experienced players in that regard. Starting regularly at age 21 is nothing to scoff at.

When the Pistons drafted Knight, I wrote:

"There are plenty of reasons to like Knight. He’s talented, smart,* hard-working, athletic and long – a special combination. How many players possess all five of those attributes and fail?"

Knight still possess all five of those attributes, but he hasn’t yet succeeded. Until Knight puts it together, he hasn’t put it together.

For now, Knight can rely on his upside and impressive tools. But each day that passes, we must look more and more at his actual production rather than his potential.