Pistons trade-value rankings No. 5: Kyle Singler


For your reference, salaries are available here and ages here.

Why Kyle Singler ranks No. 5

The average player who has started a majority of his games this season has a salary of $7,111,946. Kyle Singler makes $1 million and is locked in for just more than that in each of the next two years. So, a team that starts Singler and wants to spend the average amount for a starting lineup has an extra $6,111,946 to spend on its other four starters.

That’s a big deal.

Can Singler start for a good team? It’s not a given, but I think so. He won’t carry a team, but if four quality starters are in place, Singler would likely fit in the fifth spot. He spreads the floor well thanks to his outside shooting and cutting, and his defense has improved, making him a nice complementary player.

Singler, who spent four years at Duke and played in Spain for a season, probably has less upside than most rookies, but he’s also more capable of contributing right now than most rookies. Locking him into a three-year deal really increased his value.