Pistons are worse than last season


With tonight’s loss to the Hawks, the Pistons drop to 22-37.

Why is that significant?

The Pistons’ winning percentage is now lower than last season, when they finished 25-41.

Earlier in the year, Lawrence Frank argued this season’s 7-20 Pistons were better than last season’s 7-20 Pistons, and he was right in that narrow view. But as I said at the time, that didn’t matter.

"But who cares whether the Pistons are better through 27 games than they were last year? Progress should not reset during the offseason. We were told repeatedly the Pistons had turned a corner last season, starting 4-20 and finishing 21-21."

"Apparently, Frank wants to be judged as if last year’s progress never occurred."

As Patrick wrote, Frank’s teams tend to improve throughout the season, and these Pistons could still to do that, but with just 23 games remaining, time is running out.