Brandon Knight on notice after NBA trade deadline


Zach Lowe of Grantland wrote about everyone and everything that “is on notice” after the NBA trade deadline, including Brandon Knight:

"This is the next big question for the Pistons, flush with cap room this summer and going forward. The acquisition of Jose Calderon turned Knight into something like a shooting guard, and it wasn’t going all that well before Knight’s knee injury last week; Knight has shot just 37 percent with Calderon on the floor, per, and he has generally been shaky so far as a lead NBA guard. He’s a little small to play 2-guard full time, though it’s handy in the 2013 NBA to have point-guard types capable of running a side pick-and-roll in a pinch. Knight still projects as a good defender, and his 3-point shot has been solid from day one.And this is only his second year. But the Pistons have to start thinking about his future, and his future salary, right now."

You can ignore what I wrote after the Pistons traded for Jose Calderon, but when Lowe writes, you better listen.