Pistons use ‘sorcery, some evil witchcraft’ to beat Wizards five straight times


The Pistons have won five straight games over the Wizards, including victories by 32, 9 and 11 points this season. What gives? Via Gene Wang of The Washington Post:

"“I don’t know, man. I think it’s sorcery, some evil witchcraft involved, because it just doesn’t make any sense,” forward Martell Webster said of the Wizards’ track record against Detroit. “I’m going to stick to that. I believe really there’s some sorcery going on. That’s the only thing that can explain this."

Webster pulled an impressive twofer by insulting both teams playing each other tonight. The Pistons apparently aren’t good enough to dominate any other team without magic (but don’t tell the Celtics), and the Wizards can’t solve their deficiencies without blaming sorcery.