Kyle Singler, killer bargain


Over at Grantland, Bill Simmons has a column looking at some of the best bargains in the NBA, and Kyle Singler made his honorable mentions:

"Kyle Singler (Pistons): 3 years, $3.13 millionI like this guy and can’t totally explain it. Either he’s going to end up being horribly overpaid by Joe Dumars (a.k.a. Jerebko-ed), or he’s going to end up on the Spurs at some point, have a bunch of clutch moments, and make everyone say, “Dammit, they did it again!” It’s a coin flip right now."

That’s a pretty solid description of Singler. There’s nothing, in particular, that he does that screams starter on a good team, but there’s also nothing that he does so poorly that you look at him and think there’s no possible way he could start for a good team, either. The contract Dumars gave Singler is great value, but I will admit that Simmons’ comment about Joe Dumars ‘Jerebko-ing’ Singler gave me a shudder. That is a totally plausible scenario.