Dennis Rodman and diplomacy


I haven’t posted much on the whole Dennis Rodman singing the praises of North Korean dictators thing, because, well … I don’t really know what to say about it. But Matt Ufford of SB Nation has a fantastic piece on the whole thing, including the background on how and why Rodman got there in the first place:

"“I’m not a diplomat,” Rodman told Stephanopoulos earlier, and it’s one more thing that he’s wrong about. Rodman certainly isn’t qualified as a diplomat, but that’s exactly what he is, and the fact that he’s America’s only diplomat to North Korea is only the latest indicator of just how massively screwed up that country is.More than a diplomat, though, Dennis Rodman is Dennis Rodman, and we can’t ask him to be Henry Kissinger any more than we can ask a jellyfish to take over the space program. By virtue of his rebounding and defense two decades ago — and by the vices he’s indulged since — Rodman made history in North Korea. That’s enough to know, and anything more from him is too much."

UPDATE: Oh, Dennis.