Dee Brown gets temporary promotion with Lawrence Frank away


Keith Langlois of

"Hill’s primary role during games at Frank’s side is to be his eyes and ears defensively, just as John Loyer takes the lead on the offensive side. Dee Brown moves into that role while Hill stands in for Frank. “He’s going to do similar to what I did – keep track of everything going on defensively,” Hill said. “If there’s something that escapes me when we meet in a timeout on the floor, I can say, ‘The last three scores – what were our breakdowns,’ and he can refresh my memory because you have a few more things on your mind rather than just concentrating on the defensive end.”"

Coaching careers have been built around situations like this. John Kuester got his big break when Celtics coach Chris Ford had colon surgery in 1994, and Kuester slid up from video coordinator to assistant coach. OK, there are probably better examples, but you get the idea.

More importantly, now you know whom to blame if the Pistons’ defense slips.