Andre Drummond Featured In Impossibly Dope Promo Poster For 80’s Night


Miss you, Dre. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond may be out of action for the time being, but that’s not stopping him from finding ways to delight NBA fans. In a move almost as perfect as the 70’s night, Shaft-inspired poster that featured Greg Monroe last season, Drummond was the star of the promo poster for “80’s Night” at the Palace on Friday:

The Run D.M.C. look for Dre works marvelously. These promo night posters rarely disappoint — Jonas Jerebko’s for last year’s 80’s night was fantastic, as well — and do a bit to make up for ticket-selling gimmicks like trotting out Vanilla Ice or Debbie Gibson to play to fans’ nostalgia, despite being depressing shells of their former selves. Regardless of who stars next (personally I’m hoping for Brandon Knight, Kim English and Khris Middleton as a Bel Biv DeVoe-type New Jack Swing trio), let’s hope this isn’t the last promo poster we see this season.