Brandon Knight won’t play in summer league


David Mayo of MLive:

"Brandon Knight has endured injuries of varying severity since the Detroit Pistons guard played in last year’s Orlando Pro Summer League.  Part of his plan for good health going into next season is to not participate in this year’s summer league."

This seems like a wise move. Brandon Knight, despite his admirable intent to outwork everyone, had probably overextended himself by playing big minutes and hitting the court before and after practices. We know Knight playing through injury once this season caused another.

This also goes back to the earlier discussion about how much teams gain from summer league. I suspect it’s not much more than they would by spending the week practicing, though I’m certainly open to contrary opinions. But absent reliable evidence summer league helps young players develop, sitting Knight makes sense. It’s just not worth pushing him too far for something that might or might not help him, especially when there’s no doubt whether Knight will work hard other ways this summer to get better.