Detroit Pistons haven’t won home game in last 42 days


The Pistons beat the Wizards, 96-85, Feb. 13. Greg Monroe had 16 points and 18 rebounds. Jose Calderon scored 24 points, and Will Bynum added 20 points. Lawrence Frank even got an A- grade for the game.

It’s been 42 days since that win, Detroit’s last home victory.

The Pistons have four chances to break the skid before the season ends – Raptors on Friday, Bulls on April 7, Bobcats on April 12, 76ers on April 15 – but the damage has already been done.

This stat isn’t significant in a basketball sense, because it’s a little fluky. Eleven of the Pistons’ 18 games since the Washington win have come on the road, so they haven’t had as many chances to win at home.

But it is significant in terms of fan morale, especially the fans who buy tickets and attend games. That is a long and depressing time to go without seeing their team win.

Going 42 days without a home victory is the NBA’s longest such streak this season – get ready for this blog’s most-used words this season – other than the Bobcats. Even if the Pistons lose their remaining home games, they still won’t catch Charlotte, which went 66 days between home wins during November, December and January.