Pistons miss fourth straight post-season, their longest playoff drought in 30 years


With the Milwaukee Bucks’ win over the Los Angeles Lakers tonight, the Pistons have been officially eliminated from the playoff race. That makes four straight seasons without reaching the post-season, Detroit’s longest drought since missing the playoffs each season between 1977-78 and 1982-83.

Few expected the Pistons to make the playoffs this year, though most of us hoped they’d at least contend. Unfortunately, a lack of progression from young players, poor coaching, too few minutes for Andre Drummond, a trade that unbalanced the roster and other factors have given the Pistons an even worse winning percentage than either of the previous two seasons.

The good news is the Pistons will keep their first-round draft pick rather than sending it to the Charlotte Bobcats, but the stakes are higher next season, when it’s just top-eight protected.

Missing the playoffs this season will probably help the Pistons in the long run. Next season, that probably won’t be the case.