Pistons select Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


With the 8th over-all pick in the 2013 NBA Draft the Detroit Pistons have selected…Kentavious Caldwell-Pope!?!?

Yes. In a draft that seemed like it was destined for slightly unpredictable but generally boring, the Cavaliers detonated all pretext of a safe ride when they selected Anthony Bennett the number one overall pick. Chaos ensued as each successive pick pushed the assumed Top Three (Len, McLemore, Noel) further and further down into the draft.

The Pistons therefore got the opportunity to pick from players they thought would be long gone. Many thought the choice was a no-brainer. Local hero and natural scorer Trey Burke. Somehow, the Pistons have set up a smokescreen to put all former smokescreens to shame, and felt the need to keep the anarchy going.

The 6’6 guard from Georgia may fill Detroit’s long term need at the shooting guard postion. His selection may be a tacit endorsement for Brandon Knight, who could very well have been considered a dead man walking if they had gone for the more dynamic Trey Burke or even Michael Carter-Williams. KCP describes himself a “hard working kid” which is sweet and all, but this pick has some Pistons fans shaking their heads.