Wednesday Round-Up!


Apr 6, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe (10) looks on during a free throw in the second half against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. The Timberwolves won 107-101. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

-Metta World Peace claims the Pistons were his first choice in 2009. That’s weird, but okay, I’ll hear you out! According to the Detroit Free Press, World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, was denied this particular dream by Joe Dumars. You’ll recall Artest was the human who ran into the stands at the Palace of Auburn Hills and started beating the shit out of the wrong fan. World Peace is a fascinating character, seemingly less interested in basketball and more willing to forcibly create teachable (and supremely unteachable) moments wherever he lands, with running commentary that makes me wonder if this isn’t all some Andy Kaufman shtick. Anyhow, it seems his desire to serve in Detroit was some long-con redemption story that would heal all the Malice At The Palace wounds. Or in the words of World Peace:

"“It was a bigger picture. If we did something like that, people around the world would be like, ‘Wow.’”"

People would be like, wow. Well said, Metta.

-The always excellent (why he gotta be so dang excellent!?) Zach Lowe weights in on the Smith-Monroe-Drummond frontcourt. He sees a mix-bag replete with silver linings.

"The Pistons with Smith will still be mediocre, but they’re also set to have max-level cap room next summer and (as of now) in the summer of 2015. With cap room a certainty, the Pistons opted to sign the best trade chip available — even one that’s a dicey positional fit for now — instead of a couple of uninspired midsize contracts linked to aging players."

-Chauncey Billups is officially a Piston. Again. See the press conference here and then watch it again, because Chauncey’s such a swell dude.

-I will never understand people who dislike Rasheed Wallace. The guy is a huge weirdo teddy bear. His favorite “super-hero” is MAGNETO! At his worst he was interesting, at his best he was an absolute force and a hell of an interview. So why is he coaching again? The kids. He is doing it for the kids. Obviously! Rasheed is like some kind of bizarro world of Metta World Peace, but without all the nonsense, a wandering maestro that got stuck in neutral, a righteous trash talker, a fundamentally sound man who scorned fundamentals.

"“When I was playing, I had that passion and fire, cussing everybody out, but I had the opportunity to change that being out on the floor,” he said. “But now that I’m coach, I can still have my passion, but I just have to tone it down. I can’t make the difference now. I can talk junk, but I can’t back it up.”"

Can’t wait to see that bald spot type thing again. We missed you Rasheed.