Pistons Interested in Evan Turner, Harrison Barnes


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Chris Mannix, via Hoops Rumors, the Pistons might be willing to meet the 76ers demands and give up a first round pick for G/F Evan Turner.  Turner is just Joe Dumars’ type; an extremely inefficient scorer who looks good by raw numbers only.  In Philadelphia’s new up-tempo attack, Turner is averaging a career high 17.9 PPG.  However, he’s only shooting 28.8% from three-point range, and his turnover rate is around 14%.  Would he be an upgrade at SG?  Probably.  Is he worth mortgaging yet another first round pick?  I say no.  Keep checking back between now and tomorrow’s 3 p.m. trade deadline for more updates on how Joe Dumars is driving the franchise into the dirt trying to improve the team for the playoff run.

separate report from Chad Ford on ESPN.com states that there may be interest on Golden State’s part in doing a deal centered around Greg Monroe and Harrison Barnes.  Any talk is most likely in preliminary stages, but keep an eye on this one as the Pistons are likely trying to decide whether or not they’ll be willing to match a max offer on Greg Monroe in Restricted Free Agency this summer.