Jason Zwerling of Bleacher Report:

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Pistons probably won’t trade Greg Monroe.


Jason Zwerling of Bleacher Report:

"hearing Greg Monroe won’t move"

That jives with everything we’ve heard lately, and I’m glad about the development.

Regardless of whether the Pistons value Greg Monroe enough to give him a max contract (a necessity if they’re keeping him past today) or whether they’re just stagnant due to Tom Gores stripping power from Joe Dumars, Monroe should remain a key building block.

It’s unlikely the Pistons get fair return on Monroe now, when other teams see the Pistons desperation and also know they can make a run at him in free agency.

Monroe has major deficiencies, most of them on the defensive end. But he’s very talented offensively and still young. There’s no guarantee he’ll become a major success, but he’s worth taking a chance on – especially considering the Pistons’ limited resources to add another potential star through other means.

If the Pistons keep Monroe today, I’d appreciate that. But they better follow that with a strong plan for him this summer, when he’s a restricted free agent. Otherwise, it’d all be naught.